For the most part, the assistant She has set herself apart from the rest star Wars-Both in terms Placement in the scheduletakes place one hundred years before the previous trilogy, and in its desire to focus on it New characters and explorations, instead of the usual. But that doesn’t mean there is it’s not Some interesting connections…

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…or some familiar faces. space the assistantWe’re told that although the series will be set during the final days of the High Republic, Only one letter from Supreme Republic Rebecca Henderson Vernestra Ruh’s novels and comics will appear in the show. Beyond that, we didn’t know anyone else. Which one is correct! from a certain point of view. Because while we didn’t bring another person from the world Supreme Republic Transmedia Initiative In today’s episode, we actually get someone we know from the movies.

In a brief scene at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Vernestra and a cadre of other Jedi discuss with Master Sol where he should investigate the murder. Take it then. It’s a short moment, but alongside one of the other Masters discussing the presence of a possible rogue Jedi cult behind this killer, we see a Jedi of a familiar race joining the discussion: a large-headed Siren, wearing a white-and-beige version. Temple robes in the era of the High Republic. And you think for a moment, that can’t be the case. But he has those yellow eyes. His hair and bear are grayer and longer but in a similar style. actually?

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Yes. And as the credits in “Day” confirm, this is indeed Ki-Adi-Mundi – played here by Derek Arnold – future member of the Jedi Council, and famous caregiver Attacks on Wookiees (Which makes having it in context even funnier, honestly), and the assistantFirst specialty star Wars a barrier.

Ki-Adi-Mundi’s presence, while fleeting and brief – you don’t really notice it’s him until his name appears in the credits, it doesn’t matter, he could have just been any Jedi Sirin – raises a whole host of questions. Not the boring kind, like what that means for his line The imaginary threat About not seeing a Sith in thousands of years: Literally in this scene, the assembled Jedi, including Ki-Adi, don’t even dare think that Mai could be trained by a Sith, leaning towards a rogue Jedi instead – and even then it’s a meeting The Jedi leave him after being explicitly told to keep him everyone Of this information under the covers. Jedi are good liarsAnd hey, if Ki Adi Mundi washes his hands of this investigation from now on, he will never be seen again the assistant Then again, well, he certainly didn’t see Seth either way.

No like Chair robots The questions before him are instead more existential: How? old Is Ki-Adi-Mundi here? This is 100 years ago Imaginary dangerAnd he looks like a grown man here. Was he really that old at the time of the Clone Wars? We don’t know much about Sirian society or its biology star Wars canon at the moment, but in the old Expanded Universe, Sirian men actually advance at a much faster rate than their peers. Their female counterparts are more populous– A male Siri who lived past his sixties was considered practically ancient. But now, thanks the assistantLooks like Ki-Adi was paying at least 130, 150, by the time he bit him. Revenge of the Sith (From repeated blaster bolts to the chest, of course, not old age). Given that, how long had he been on the Jedi Council? The way he’s implying here, he hasn’t done it yet, he’s just a Jedi Master among many. But what is the problem with the Supreme Council and the members who have been sitting in it for hundreds of years? Yoda, Yaddle, Yarael Poof, now Ki-Adi-Mundi… Why didn’t anyone set duration limits!?

At the very least, these questions do not relate to reality the assistant Itself. And he’s cute! His presence here is not like, for example, Luke Skywalker or Ahsoka Tano appears The MandalorianOr Mando himself dominates A few episodes of Boba Fett book. It’s a cameo, yes, but it’s not one that takes up the entire episode’s narrative, or is even highlighted as one to the point where you’re distracted while the show pauses to go “See!” You know them!” Ki-Adi is here, he has a few lines among the Jedi, he’s gone, and the episode continues. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

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