Since Wuthering Waves 1.1 isn’t far away now, Kuro Games has dropped a week-long event that you should definitely participate in to prepare yourself for the new Wow version. But what is the Chrod Purge, what are the rewards and when does it end? Let’s dig a little deeper and gather everything we know so far.

WuWa Chord purge event

There are some healthy resources available in the Chord Cleansing event, so it’s definitely worth your time. There will be three double landing opportunities daily for Tacet Fields

If your Union level is 19 or higher, your Waveplate fee will still be at 60 but you will double your UEXP to 900 from the normal 450, so if you’re brand new, you may not feel the full benefits. If you’re just trying to get some extra resources to outfit version 1.1, this is a great opportunity.

String cleaning rewards

  • EXP double echo elements, or sealed tubes
  • Double echoes
  • Dual tuners
  • Double Shell Credits/Intimacy
  • Weak Union EXP

With all rewards doubled for a week, this is a great time to earn some playtime to climb those levels.

Start and end times of string purification

The string cleanup process began today (June 20th) and will continue for a week and end at the time of the server reset on June 27th.

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