As you progress through Shadow of the Erdtree, Elden Ring’s only DLC, you’ll soon realize that there are once again a group of bosses to take down.

But unfortunately, like all things, the DLC has to reach an endpoint, where a final boss prevents you from ever becoming the Deformed.

But who is the final boss in Shadow of the Erdtree? All things point to Messmer but has FromSoftware pulled a bait and switch? Let’s find out.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Final Boss: What Do We Know?

Now there is official confirmation of this The final boss in Shadow of the Erdtree is actually Radan. Yes, the guy you destroyed in the base game Access to downloadable content (DLC)..

In the beginning, it was there Various leaks That hit the web suggests Radahn is the big bad but now that the DLC has been released, we’ve got it. Footage from the final battle.

How can this be? I hear you asking.

Well, although it’s not unlikely that the bosses would come back again and again, since Radan’s battle was so epic and seemed limited, many thought he was dead and buried forever.

Radan and Malinya in Elden RingRadan and Malinya in Elden Ring

However, when you delve into the lore, it’s very reasonable to assume that Radan could return in an instant.

The reason for this is that when you defeat Radan, and Iron Fist Alexander consumes his remains, it opens the opportunity for Michaela to bring him into the Shadow Realm, where you must strip yourself of flesh to enter.

This also makes sense because you have to kill Radahn in order to access the DLC. If not, the somewhat confusing knowledge will be thrown out the window completely.

When we put all the information together for ourselves, we hope to be able to provide the exact explanation as to why Radan came back.

If you’re just starting out on your Shadow Realm adventure, check out our guide on how to get it Scadotari fragments So you can boost your stats.

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