Maybe you’re streaming Most, If not all of it, from your content. A good streaming device makes this process easier. If you have purchased a New TV Recently, it probably has its own streaming interface. Some are good, but a standalone streaming device can provide a better experience. We’ve tried them all — from Roku, Apple, Google, Amazon, and even the cheaper Walmart-owned brands — so you don’t have to, and we’ve separated each of our favorites by what they do best.

Testing streaming devices, I’ve seen how easy or complicated it is to set up, from the first plug-ins to the end of logging into all of our favorite streaming services, and then I watch TV! I generally stream a lot of content even when I’m not testing a new device, but for at least a week, I watch a few hours of movies, TV shows, and YouTube videos every day, and install, delete, and launch apps. With any additional features within the device itself or on the remote control.

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Updated June 2024: We’ve added Walmart’s newest 4K Pro Onn and Roku’s Plus Series TV. We’ve also updated prices and links all the time.

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