Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time It was Ubisoft’s biggest hit in 2003, but it was a classic for the company Beyond good and evil, released just two weeks later, would be outdone by an upgraded reissue. Ubisoft has released a trailer for Beyond Good and Evil, 20th Anniversary Edition This confirms that it will arrive next Tuesday, June 25 – just five days after I write these words.

I hope it stands up because I remember it as a great game. Jade and her pig sidekick Pey’j were memorable characters in their remarkably inhabited sci-fi world, where you could use a camera and a mean stick instead of resorting to gunplay. It struck a chord enough that players have been clamoring for a sequel ever since – but Beyond good and evil 2 It was now Stuck in development hell For 15 years, even longer than Notorious Duke Nukem forever.

The camera is the most important tool at BG&E.
Image: Ubisoft

Here’s how Ubisoft’s trailer description describes it 20th anniversary edition Remastered:

Embark on this epic adventure in up to 4K 60fps with enhanced graphics, controls and sound. Explore the anniversary gallery, and discover more about Jade’s childhood in a new treasure hunt!

The trailer also mentions a “rearranged soundtrack.” Last year, we were also told that it would have auto-save and cross-save features, which could make it easier to pick up and play than the original, since 2003 was still the era of save points in video games. Maybe I’ll play it by hand!

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