Updated: June 20, 2024, 9:30 a.m. EST We’ve checked all featured offers to ensure accurate pricing and availability.

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Best Laptop Deal Walmart + Week

Acer Nitro V15

$779.99 at Walmart
(Save $70)

Acer nitro v15

MacBook Air M1 13-inch

While Walmart is not a great place to find it Laptop deals On a normal day, course correction is usually done with a few good PCs for major savings events. We saw this happen during the retailer’s annual event Black Friday Sales and during Amazon Prime Day Counter-programming the last few summers.

However, 2024 is for members only Walmart + a week Selling has become a tough skip for bargain hunters.

Right through Sunday, June 23, these slim laptop deals (so far) include paltry discounts on HP’s gaming laptops and netbooks, as low as just $50 to $100. Some premium devices also have a wide range Inflation List prices, which makes these discounts seem much better than they actually are.

If you can’t see any of the deals on Walmart’s website, it’s because the supermarket is hiding them for non-members. Don’t worry: you won’t miss much.

Walmart+ membership unlocks other perks along with exclusive discounts on technology and other hard goods during the retailer’s sales. But if you’re just trying to save up for a new laptop, it’s hard to justify the price of admission here.

What is Walmart Week+?

Walmart+ Week is a sale exclusive to the retailer’s paying members Walmart+ Program. (You can still see the deals if you have a trial account, but you need to upgrade to actually buy anything.) It’s live online and on the Walmart app from June 17 through June 23.

This is the second time Walmart has hosted such an event, and it is I confess To switch things up a little this time. Last year’s iteration of Walmart + Week was a four-day affair filled with deals that went hand-in-hand Prime Minister’s Day 2023 Giving Amazon Some healthy competition to sell to members only. This year, the retailer bumped up Walmart+ Week by several weeks, extended it to a full seven days, and focused more on the benefits that come with Walmart+. (This includes free next day delivery, free in-store delivery, and on Sunday only, 20% Walmart cash back On travel and dual fuel saving.)

With that in mind, it’s perhaps a little unfair to go after Walmart for treating event deals as an afterthought. But for all the hype surrounding Prime Day, it is Certain For July, this seems like a missed opportunity.

It’s not just laptop deals either. According to what some of my colleagues said television, Robot vacuum, headphoneAnd Loudspeaker The deals featured in Walmart+ Week 2024 are all duds. (“Honestly,” said Bethany Allard, senior shopping correspondent at Mashable, “the deals we’ve seen so far aren’t.” [even] It’s worth using the free 30-day trial to take a look.”)

I’ll personally be monitoring Walmart+ Week as it progresses to see if its laptop deals improve, and you can check out some of the “highlights” below. (I’ve corrected their menu prices where appropriate and eliminated cheaper prices elsewhere, e.g this And this; be seen Antonline And Amazonrespectively.) In the meantime, look for more attractive offers at other retailers and on manufacturers’ websites — We round up the best ones every two weeks.

Mashable Offers

Best Laptop Deal Walmart + Week

Why we like it

The Acer Nitro V 15 is excellent value at its usual sticker price, so any additional discounts are just the icing on the cake. (Note that Newegg It matched the Walmart+ Weekly price at the time of writing.)

Mashable Pre-tested A Settings Which had a 13th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 graphics, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB SSD storage, and came out as our favorite Cheap gaming laptop. Technology editor Kim Gedeon didn’t like the dim 144Hz display, but praised its ability to keep quiet and admired its good looks, giving it a 4.7/5 rating.

This particular model that Walmart has for sale has lower-end specs, including a third-generation Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage. We have not tried it ourselves, but it was developed by our sister site, PCMag. Lead analyst Matthew Posey gave it a rating of 4/5 (excellent), noting that “you’d be hard-pressed to find performance equivalent to this price or less.”

More Walmart Laptop Deals + Week


Why we like it

This is technically a Permanent drop in prices Walmart has been running its deal since mid-March, and it’s not a real deal, but I still wanted to report it just because it’s a good price for a MacBook — even if it’s older than 2020. (Best Buy was able to beat it $50 once, but it didn’t last long and eventually Sold there.) The amazing build quality and all-day battery life are its biggest selling points. We haven’t tested it recently – Read our review Of the past – but should still perform well during casual missions.

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