If you’ve been putting off the next Windows update, now is a good time to install it. Last week, Microsoft patched a very nasty vulnerability in Windows 11 and 10 that could put your PC at risk when connected to a public Wi-Fi network, as spotted earlier before Record.

Weakness (CVE-2024-30078) could allow hackers to spread a malicious packet to devices connected to the same Wi-Fi networks in places such as airports, cafes, hotels, or even workplaces. From there, hackers can run commands remotely and gain access to the system – all without any user interaction or authentication. Microsoft rolled out the patch as part of its monthly security update on June 11.

Microsoft described the vulnerability as “significant,” and it is a vulnerability specific to the company Second highest Severity classification of security vulnerabilities. Even if you’re not planning on taking your laptop with you to a coffee shop anytime soon, you shouldn’t delay this patch.

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