necessary device, A toaster makes making breakfast easy, adds flair to lunchtime sandwiches and takes care of the three billion pop tarts we consume each year in America. Let’s face it, few things in life are tastier than a piece of hot, buttered toast, well, apart from toast with eggs and bacon, home fries and drinks made with the best bread. Coffee makers. But not all toasters are created equal, which is why we’re carb-loaded in the name of research, so you can get the best for your bagels, bagels, muffins, or crumpets.

If perfect toast alone isn’t reason enough to upgrade your toaster, it’s worth noting that toasting also comes with health benefits. studies Toast has been shown to have a lower glycemic index compared to bread, in fact. This could mean a slower release of sugar into the bloodstream, provided you can easily handle PB and J.

The latest toasters work well to accommodate a wide range of bread types and sizes. Gone are the days when a square loaf was all that was on offer. Tall sourdough starters, soft ciabatta breads, fluffy whole grains, and perfectly shaped English muffins can now be toasted effortlessly. With long and wide toasting slots, good variable temperature ranges and dedicated shortcut settings for different types of bread, the best toasters will keep us satisfied.

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