Need answers for June 21st New York Times Connections Puzzle? to me, word It is more than a vocabulary test, however Links It is more than just a brain teaser. You are given 16 words and asked to divide them into four groups that are connected in some way. Sometimes these things are obvious, but the game editor knows how to trick you by using words that can fit more than one group.

Do you also play Wordle? we’ve got Today’s Wordle answer and its hints too.

We have too Today’s answer is about Strandsa new game from The Times still in beta, and Some tips on how to play this game.

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How to play Etisalat

Playing is easy. Winning is hard. Look at the 16 words and mentally distribute them into groups of four. Click on the four words that you think fit together. The groups are color-coded, although you don’t know what’s going on until you see the answers. The yellow group is the easiest, then the green, then the blue, then the purple is the most difficult. Look at the words carefully, and think about related terms. Sometimes the connection is only about part of the word. At one point, four words were grouped together because each of them began with the name of a rock band, including “Rushmore” and “Journeyman.”

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Tips for today’s communication groups

Here are four hints for groupings in today’s communications puzzle, ranked from the easiest yellow group to the difficult (and sometimes weird) purple group.

Yellow group tip: Fair state pleasure.

Green group tip: Permission to proceed.

Blue group tip: Like the tales of Horatio Alger.

Purple group tip: Shake your tail feathers.

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Answers to today’s communications groups

Yellow group: Fun park rides.

Green group: consent.

Blue group: Types of stories coming from behind.

Purple group: Synonyms for back end.

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What are the answers to Etisalat today?

Yellow words in today’s communications

The topic is amusement park rides. The four answers are the Ferris wheel, the merry-go-round, the roller coaster, and the Tilt-A-Whirl.

Green words in today’s communications

The topic is consent. The four answers are permission, green light, green light, and thumb.

Blue words in today’s communications

The topic is the types of stories coming from behind. The four answers are Cinderella, David and Goliath, rags to riches, and underdog.

Purple words in today’s communications

Topic is synonyms for back end. The four answers are Bumper to Bumper, Bumper, Rumpelstiltskin, and Tailgate.

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