TikTok is fighting back against the Biden administration’s new law mandating the sale or ban of the app, highlighting the First Amendment in a new legal filing.

the Summaries submitted on Thursday (June 20) Written by Tik Tok A group of eight content creators is one of the company’s latest attempts to stop the ban from being implemented.

“Never before has Congress so explicitly shut down and shut down a specific speech forum,” they say.

“The First Amendment requires this Court to consider such an extraordinary restriction of speech with the utmost care and careful scrutiny.”

For the first time, the text of the nearly 100-page draft agreement that the company presented to the government in August 2022 has been shared. This was proposed in the hope of resolving its early concerns.

The Biden administration rejected the offer, saying it was insufficient to neutralize concerns.

Who owns ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company?

The Chinese parent company of TikTok, ByteDance The property was divided.

Chinese founders own 20% of the company’s shares. About 60% of it is owned by institutional investors, including major US investment firms, and the remaining 20% ​​is owned by its employees around the world. The company says three of ByteDance’s five board members are Americans.

Thursday movement By Tik Tok This represents the latest case in an ongoing case that could determine the future of the short-form video app used by 170 million Americans.

In filings, the company states that the law not only burdens speech, but also silences millions of users.

TikTok once again highlights that they do not believe stripping is possible

In the law signed by President Joe Biden in April, TikTok became Chinese-owned Parent company ByteDance They have been told they must divest or block investments, but they say divestment is not possible especially by the January 2025 deadline.

“Even if a divestiture were possible, TikTok in the US would remain just a version of its former self, stripped of the innovative, expressive technology that tailors content to each user.

It will also become an island that prevents Americans from exchanging views with the global TikTok community.

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