Snap 4 Lux

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  • the Snap 4 Lux The MagSafe mobile phone accessory is back in stock and available for $40.
  • In addition to giving you a more comfortable grip on your phone and a small kickstand, the Snap 4 Luxe also allows you to place other MagSafe accessories on top, like MagSafe chargers, wallets, and more.
  • The Snap 4 Luxe adhesive will prevent you from easily removing accessories on and off on a daily basis, so if you like to switch cases or accessories often, this may not be for you.

When I first saw this product on display at CES, I thought to myself, how special could someone else be in the classic PopSocket? However, after trying it for over a month, I’m happy to share this with you Snap 4 Lux It offers much more than PopSocket can in a smaller size. It has quickly risen to the top of my favorite phone accessory list.

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The PopSocket has primarily one function – to help you carry your phone more easily. the Snap 4 Lux It achieves the same goal, sticking to the back of your phone via MagSafe technology to reveal a pop-up holder that you can hold in the same way you would hold a PopSocket or even slide your finger through to get a comfortable grip on your phone, as seen in the image below. However, that’s not all she can do.

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The pop-up component also snaps into place, as the name suggests, doubling as a small stand, as shown below. This can help with activities like scrolling on TikTok, streaming videos, or even making a FaceTime call.

Snap 4 Lux

Sabrina Ortiz/ZNet

Although there are plenty of MagSafe mobile phone accessories that also double as phone grips and holders, including the PopSocket, what makes this accessory special is its well-thought-out design, allowing you to place other MagSafe accessories on top of it.

The actual accessory has two important components that allow it to work well with other accessory layers: thinness and stickiness. The Snap Luxe 4 is very thin, so even when you add another accessory to the top of it, it doesn’t add much bulk and is barely noticeable.

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The second component is additional adhesive. Although the Snap 4 Luxe is compatible with Apple MagSafe, it is also backed with nano adhesive so it can support the weight of an additional MagSafe accessory without falling off. The adhesive is reusable, so if you want to transfer it from one can to another, you can simply run it under hot water and let it dry.

This is especially useful if you want to use a MagSafe charger because, despite its weight, it won’t fall out, and you’ll still be able to charge your phone through your existing accessory.

I am my own layer Moft MagSafe Wallet Case — which holds my Metro Card — on top of the Snap 4 Luxe because when I know I’m not taking public transit, I can just ditch my wallet and still have a kickstand and phone grip.

Snap 4 Lux

Sabrina Ortiz/ZNet

Even if you don’t have the desire to put another accessory on top of it, its thinness makes you forget it’s there, whereas the PopSocket is inherently bulkier. I also enjoy being able to slide my finger across the pop-up window, which, in my opinion, makes it more comfortable to hold.

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The accessory also has a very stylish look with aluminum trim that comes in fun colors: Stone, Obsidian Black, Earthy Pink, Midnight Blue, Pure Silver, and Lavender. For all its capabilities, the Snap 4 Luxe retails for just $40, just $10 more than the original price. Mag Safe Pop Socketwhich, unlike the Snap Luxe 4, needs to be removed to use another MagSafe accessory.

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If you want a phone grip and holder that will always be on your phone and not interfere with your daily tasks, then Snap Lux 4 It is the perfect product for you. It’s so thin you’ll forget it’s there, and you won’t have to worry about it slipping off due to the added adhesive. Plus, you can still continue to use your other favorite MagSafe accessories, like a wallet or charger.

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