A heart-warming Australian story about a child and a stray dog ​​who become best friends and try their hand at a high-flying dog show to save their farm while learning important lessons about kindness and family? Sign me up for dwarf.

Based on Craig Selfie’s 2022 novel Directed by John Sheedy, dwarf Set in the fictional town of Upson Downs in Western Australia, 11-year-old Annie Shearer (Lily Latorre) and her best friend, a dog named Runt (played by a dog named Squid), live on a sheep farm – and are in financial jeopardy! Together, they enter the Agility Course tournament at the Krumpets Dog Show in London to try and save their kennel, but the Krumpets’ snobs aren’t exactly happy with Runt’s lack of a recognizable breed (booooo). Yes they will show it and yes it is giving luscious.

Suicide squadJai Courtney and WellmaniaCeleste Barber plays Annie’s parents, Brian and Susie, Deborah Mailman plays Bernadette Box, Annie’s teacher, Jack Thompson plays evil farm menace Earl Robert Barren, and Genevieve Lemon plays Annie’s grandmother, Dolly. Additionally, Matt Day and Tom Badge play villain Fergus Fink and his sidekick Simpkins.

The trailer is a delightfully gory collection of scenes involving very good dogs conquering obstacle courses, stealing hot dogs, and banging their fists, all ready to sing along to The Choirboys’ “Run to Paradise.” I couldn’t be more into this movie. It seems I need joy.

dwarf It hits theaters on September 19.

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