last year, Brave entertainment It teamed up with publisher Alien Books in an effort to expand The world of superheroes To new heights. Now, after a year of cooking on and off the page, this is ready to explode The return of the brave universethe new status quo that will lead the way to A new era of superhero comics.

back “It marks a big moment for both Alien Books and Valiant Comics,” said Matthias Timarchy, director of Alien Books, in a press release provided to io9. “We’re determined to publish meaningful comics that readers will enjoy and that retailers can feel confident stocking on their shelves. We want everyone to feel excited about reading superhero comics again.” back It’s the first part of our plan to reignite that passion.

The four-issue miniseries will pick up on the seeds woven throughout the Valiant titles that Alien has been publishing since last year under the title “The Road to… back“Signboard, Which saw the seemingly evil Dr. Silk transform into a hero, promising the world a chance at utopia, and a plan to make humanity immortal. The return of the brave universe– Written by Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad, with art by Guillermo Fajardo, Lautaro Vitoli, and writing by Marina Leone – you’ll see Silk’s carefully laid plans come to fruition, as a whole host of classic brave heroes, like Ninjak, XO Manowar, Bloodshot, Faith, and others attempt to reckon with the new way of the world.. And they fight to see who will stay standing.

back “It’s a constant escalation of action, but for me what’s even more fun is seeing the dynamic character moments,” Cloonan said in a statement. “Not just using their powers, but delving into the history they all have with each other. There’s a lot of humor and pathos as well as incredibly high stakes, with events that will shake the Valiant Universe to its core!”

back “It represents a real moment for Valiant to reawaken a lot of characters who have been sadly sidelined for far too long,” Conrad added. “We all want to see more Valiant Universe stuff, and this book is the gateway to that. It’ll be a good jump on the point and draw a lot from the past while looking to the future. I can’t promise that everyone will make it in one piece or that we’ll be able to fit all the characters The greatest part of the Valiant Universe, but I can promise you one hell of a ride, reliving the great potential of Valiant’s future under the Alien Books umbrella.

That idea back As a restoration, not necessarily a complete reboot of Valiant continuity, is a password repeated by Alien—back It’s the beginning of a new chapter, rather than wiping the slate clean, to emphasize what has made the world of Valiant interesting all these years. “Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad are no strangers to the Valiant Universe and they had their hands full back “With rewarding moments for longtime readers, while still being accessible to newcomers,” Alien Books and Valiant Comics editor-in-chief Lisa Hawkins concluded. “Our brave characters deserve a bigger spotlight and to be enjoyed by as many fans as possible.” back “It’s how we start to shine a light on the gold in our books.”

Click through to see the first look The return of the brave universe 1 – including the first four pages of the crossover – ahead of its September 18 release.

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