Kingdom of the Planet of the ApesThe stunning visual effects are nothing short of stunning, but for the upcoming home release of the film, 20th Century Studios is giving you the ability to see the motion capture renderings that were key to bringing the talking apes to life.

althoug Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes It will be available to download on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Fandango at Home starting July 9, and you may want to wait until the film’s physical release on August 27 when it will feature 4K Ultra HD. Inside the lens: raw cut Available in stores.

Image: 20th Century Studios

In an announcement about Raw cutting, was described by 20th Century Studios as a full-length, split-screen alternate cut that would allow viewers to see what the film would look like before the visual effects finished. In addition to highlighting the actors’ performance under the film’s visual effects, Raw cutting It will also include optional commentary tracks from director Wes Ball, editor Dan Zimmerman, and VFX supervisor Erik Winquist.

Unfortunately, it seems that way Raw cutting It will not be included on Blu-ray and DVD copies Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (Which will also be released on August 27), but if that’s something you need to see, now might be a good time to jump in UHD cart.

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