If you loved your flight simulator and find yourself anywhere near Las Vegas, Nevada within the next couple of days, you’ll definitely want to check out 2024 Airshow Sim At Rio Las Vegas.

Both Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane have kiosks there as the two commercial flight sims continue to go head-to-head, now that MSFS The release date of its incarnation is 2024Activity is expected to be active.

Starting Friday, June 21, there will be a series of product reveals, announcements, and updates from the biggest flight simulation developers.

The hall opens on Saturday and you can spend your time moving between the booths as well as the seminar stages. The Microsoft Flight Simulator team will be hosting two episodes, one each day with an episode on Saturday about FS2024, so it will definitely be worth watching.

Of course, the likelihood of you not being in Vegas is also high, so the good news is that the panel is being streamed on Twitch at Official msf channel So you don’t need to miss a moment.

On Sunday you’ll have one last chance to visit the booths of companies like our friends at Virpil Controls and Moza, along with companies like OrbX, Aerosoft, Blackbird, Winwing, plus many others.

Basically, if you love your Flight Sims, this is the show for you. The event will also be the best place to get hands-on experience with equipment you might want to try out without breaking the bank, or even if you’re thinking about building your own cockpit (and stay tuned for an upcoming series of features on building your own dream cockpit in The very near future.

The rest of 2024 is set to be huge in the Flight Simulator space and we’ll have you covered along the way.

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