If you play side shooter eve onlineVanguard So there’s a new limited-time event you should check out.

If you’re using EVE Omega (the game’s internal currency), the Solstice event will be available to you – well-timed, including being a Solstice and all.

Starting today event It will run until July 1st and will bring some new content, as well as a patch containing the usual bag of fixes and improvements.

The most interesting thing is the new archipelago map full of dungeons and tropical forests to battle through.

Of course, all the while, regular Eve Online players will be doing what Eve Online players do, fighting massive political space battles the likes of which can’t happen in any other game. It’s almost the perfect gaming world.

It seems as if this is a pivotal moment in Vanguard’s development. The following paragraph is located at the bottom of Solstice’s press release:

“Solstice represents the final public event in EVE Vanguard for the coming months, and we encourage all players who want to contribute to its development to participate. For the next phase of EVE Vanguard’s development, EVE Vanguard Founders will have the opportunity to continue playing the game in private playtests and help shape the future Ground combat in New Eden. During Solstice and beyond, players can join the EVE Vanguard Founders community on Discord, where they will have direct access to developers, get a first look at concepts and prototypes, and leave their mark on the ongoing development process as we look forward to the announcement More public events and playtests will be announced in the future.

So it looks like CCP is taking a step back to take a strategic look at where the EVE branch is headed next. Interesting times in nullspace ahead.

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