Borderlands video games are rude, rude, and lewd. All main games in the series are rated M, and are suitable for audiences aged 17 or over (18 or over in the UK). However, the upcoming film received a PG-13 rating from the Motion Picture Association, confusing fans.

According to the Entertainment Software Rating BoardBorderlands 3 is rated M because it contains “blood and gore, intense violence, sexual themes, and strong language” and it’s impossible to argue with that – fans of the series will know that crude and irreverent jokes, mature stories, and yes, gory violence, are hidden in the DNA. For the privilege.

like One commenter on Reddit said:Borderlands games are “40% shooting, 30% loot, and 30% comedy.” Borderlands can be seen as an antidote to the overly serious themes and atmosphere typical of most first-person shooters. No Call of Duty game will have a recording of the main villain saying “Jimmy, please make a note: I’m strangling Mr. Morin because he raised my wife,” and expect it to come.

According to the MPA movie rating websiteBorderlands is rated “PG-13 for intense sequences of violence, action, language, and some suggestive material.” trailer, Which received mixed reactions, depicts this. However, most fans assumed that this was the “tip of the iceberg”, where the grossest jokes, sexiest costumes and big guns were saved for the film, but that appears to no longer be the case.

Fans aren’t thrilled about the Borderlands movie’s PG-13 rating

In the Reddit thread discussing the newly assigned classification, there’s a lot of disappointment. The top-rated review says: “They tried to make a movie for everyone, and it’s really for no one, a story as old as time.” In response, another user chimes in, “Exactly. The movie seems like a perfect example of a product made by committee.”

The topic is much discussed Troubled film productionwith one person saying, “Yes, the film’s production date wasn’t going well, but that seems like the biggest sign that the whole thing is going to suck.”

People are also disappointed because they were initially excited when Eli Roth, famous for gory horror films like Hostel, was hired to helm the adaptation, anticipating that he would be able to capture the over-the-top tone of the games. However, Roth was fired from the film in January 2023, and Tim Miller, who had some success with Deadpool, came in to replace him in the reshoots.

All we can do now is wait for the Borderland movie to be released on August 9 to see if it will be fun, silly fun, or a letdown.

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