Nintendo has avoided sharing the spotlight with all the other gaming companies in the world Summer Games Festival last week, and promised her own live broadcast later in June. And it happened yesterday, as a lot of new games were announced along with Nintendo favorites. Mario games yes. Zelda games have been confirmed, and even a new Metroid game. (More on that below).

The funny thing is that the new Zelda game is about… Zelda. You play the role of the princess in The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom. It begins where most Zelda games end, with Link defeating Ganon. But when he frees Princess Zelda, our usual hero is sucked into an alternate dimension. The game is played top-down and borrows the art style of the game Link’s awakening remake. However, Zelda’s main weapon and tool are the trio. It can thus copy many objects and use these “echoes” to move around the world. You can also create monster echoes to fight for Zelda.

Nintendo’s 40-minute update also includes release dates for the upcoming release Dragon Adventure remake, New title for Mario Party And cat adventure news Reckless Coming to switch.

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– Matt Smith

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Black Legend: Wukong City is as beautiful, interesting and challenging as it sounds



The Solo Buds cover the basics, but that’s about it. Sound quality is solid, unless you’re listening to Dolby Atmos content in Apple Music, but at least the earbuds are comfortable with long battery life. Then again, they only cost $80.

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Fisker officially declared bankruptcy. The US-based startup has filed for Chapter 11 protection and plans to restructure its debt and sell its assets. That means an Alaska EV with space for a cowboy hat — no joke — will likely never happen. Fisker revealed in a recent report that it produced 10,193 units of its only available electric vehicle, the Ocean SUV, in 2023, but delivered only 4,929 vehicles.

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Habu Hotel: Origins, On Mac today, it revives the 2005 PC game in all its nostalgic glory. If you have never played Habu Hotel 20 years ago, the game was an online community, in the form of a hotel. Your avatar can chat with your friends in a virtual hotel lobby and spend in-game credits on furniture and accessories.

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After 18 years and a complete reboot, Samus Aran will return Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, Next year. We got our first look at the game as well, as Samus duels with aliens in typical Metroid style. The teaser ends by revealing a new big bad. He’s wearing a suit like our hero but surrounded by two floating metroids. Ominous? Yes.

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