Netflix is ​​kicking off 2024 in style, boasting the return of some key shows, as well as some new hit shows.

We have returned to the era of guardianship with Bridgerton Season 3 I couldn’t stop crying after it one dayand even witnessed the beginning of an alien invasion in 3 Body problem. but this is not all! From sci-fi to romance to drama, here are the best Netflix shows of the year so far.

10. Eric

Benedict Cumberbatch and Ivan Howe play father and son "Eric."

Benedict Cumberbatch and Ivan Howe play father and son in “Eric.”
Credit: Netflix

If you missed it Sherlock Days, when Benedict Cumberbatch was a misanthrope on a mission to solve a puzzling case, you should check it out Eric.

Created by Abi Morgan, this miniseries stars the British actor as Vincent, a grouchy puppeteer in 1980s New York. While he is at work, his job is to perform warmly; At home, he is cruel to his wife (Gaby Hoffman) and son Edgar (Evan Morris Howe). But when his child disappears while walking to school, Vincent is determined to find him – with the help of an imaginary monster named Eric. Mixing family drama with crime procedurals Sesame Street, Eric Weaving together narratives of cops, criminals, suspects, and the guilty father who begins this story. If you’re looking for something full of twists and turns, consider this show for your next viewing. — Christy Butchko, entertainment editor

How to watch: Eric It’s now streaming on Netflix.

9. Sun of brothers

Two brothers sit at opposite ends of a circular table, their mother between them.

Sam Sung Lee, Michelle Yeoh, and Justin Chen in “The Brothers Sun.”
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Academy AwardWinner Michelle Yeoh enters bloodied Sun of brothers, a family drama meets crime, thriller and comedy, centered around two very different brothers. Charles (Justin Chen) is a world-famous assassin with a big role to play in the family’s Taiwanese crime syndicate. Bruce (Sam Sung Lee) loves improvisation, is lazy in school, and knows nothing about the family business. But when an attack on their father brings the estranged brothers together, it’s up to this unlikely pairing – and their fierce mother Ellen (Yeoh) – to take down their enemies. Featuring some spirited battles, honest reflections on different immigrant experiences, and a surprising amount of churros, Sun of brothers It is an action-packed treat. Too bad Netflix canceled it. — Belen Edwards, entertainment reporter

How to watch: Sun of brothers It’s now streaming on Netflix.

8. BridgertonSeason 3

A man and a woman are staring deeply into each other's eyes, about to kiss.

Luke Newton and Nicola Coghlan in “Bridgerton.”
Credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix

First there was Daphne and the Duke. Then he came Kate and Anthony And Queen Charlotte And George III. Now with Season 3, Shondaland’s beloved adaptation of Julia Quinn’s romance novels brings us Penelope and Colin’s slowest love story yet – she’s been burning for it since Season 1! It took Colin Bridgerton traveling the world to shine and realize what a wonderful girl he had back home. Fortunately, by the end of the first part, he showed his deep affection for her in a transfer scene that left fans hot and bothered.

The second part throws these lovers into each other’s arms and creates new drama. We are here every moment, because Nicola Coughlan is our queen. Sure, there are other plot lines this season, some spicy, some confusing, and one involving A.J A vegetarian who deserves better! But it was Coughlan’s grace, comedic timing, and swoon-inducing charm that made… Bridgerton Season 3 is among Netflix’s best hits of 2024. — K.B

How to watch: Bridgerton Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

7. Dead Boy Detectives

Two young men examine a covered body in a green-lit subway car.

Jayden Reverie and George Rickstro in Dead Boy Detectives.
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Adapted from the comic book series by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner. Dead Boy Detectives The premise is self-explanatory: two teenage ghosts solve crimes.

Mashable Top Stories

Specifically, Edwin Payne (George Rextraw) and Charles Rowland (Jaeden Rivery) are an odd couple, the former a middle school student in 1918, the latter a punk in 1989. But together – with the help of psycho friend Crystal Palace (Cassius Nelson) and their terminally ill neighbor Fred Neko Sasaki (Yuyo Kitamura) – They solve cases that the living cannot solve. While each episode follows a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Monster of the week Model, the overall plot has the husband evading death (HypnoticKirby Howell-Baptiste, matches wits with the mischief-making King of the Cats (Lucas Gage), battles an evil witch known as Esther Finch (Jane Lyon), and confronts their confusing teenage longings. If you like teen drama with a touch of gallows humor and a dash of supernatural mayhem, you’ll enjoy this charmingly creepy series. — K.B

How to watch: Dead Boy Detectives It’s now streaming on Netflix.

6. 3 Body problem

A woman with a sword strapped to her back floats in an orange sky in front of a symbol of three interlocking symbols.

C Shimoka in “The Three Body Problem”.
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Sometimes you want a light comedy; Other times, you want to lean into existential terrorism that could potentially end the world. The latter is strongly represented in 3 Body problema sci-fi epic inspired by Cixin Liu’s trilogy and brought to the screen by game of thrones Creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss And TerrorismAlexander Wu. The series tells the story of an alien race called the San-Ti, who are forced to leave their home planet and are several hundred years away from landing on their new home: Earth. 3 Body problem It’s impressive because it asks some very big questions about the universe while also creating a very human story about how people will react when faced with possible future extinction. Oh, and there are some sequences that will never leave your head – hey, Episode 5. —Sam Haysom, UK deputy editor

How to watch: 3 Body problem It’s now streaming on Netflix.

5. one day

A man and a woman look at each other while on the beach.

Leo Woodall and Ambika Maude in “One Day”.
Credit: Matt Towers/Netflix

In February, we did a lot of crying over the TV Netflix one day Broke Our Damn Hearts An ambitious, romantic, fresh adaptation of David Nicholls’ novel, this flawless, slow-burning series gives the story more room to breathe than 2011’s Lone Scherfig. Follow students Emma and Dex (magnetic live-action performances by Ambika Maude and Leo Woodall) through the decades of their friendship complex, one day It creates a cinematic epic about loving the long game while draining the game Politics of privilege in relationships. Even hearing the name of the series will elicit starry glances on the horizon and palms to the heart. — Shannon Connellan, UK editor

How to watch: one day It’s now streaming on Netflix.

4. Girls 5fa, Season 3

A band of four women stand on stage in elaborate silver outfits against a backdrop that says "Girls5eva."

Sara Bareilles, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Paula Pell, and Busy Philipps in “Girls5eva.”
Credit: Alyssa Longchamp/Netflix

If you’re looking for a sitcom with pop culture experience to fill 30 Rock And The other twoHeart shaped hole in your heart, look no further Girls5eva. Peacock canceled it after two (wonderful) seasons. Girls5eva Head over to Netflix for a fantastic third season as our iconic girl group goes on tour. The quartet of Sara Bareilles, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Paula Pell, and Busy Phillips has never looked better; Jokes have never flown faster. And the songs are as catchy as ever. “Sweet’n Low Daddy”? “Back”? “Exploit your FORT value”? All sausage! So, Netflix, please do us a favor and give us more Girls5eva. To borrow a phrase from our girls, three seasons is just three. — He is

How to watch: Girls5eva It’s now streaming on Netflix.

3. The boy swallows the universe

A little boy jumps in the air in the corridor.

Felix Cameron in Boy Swallows Universe.
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

A dark but genuinely funny story of suburban crime filled with magical realism, based on Trent Dalton’s novel on Netflix. The boy swallows the universe He’s one of the unsung heroes of 2024 – much like the novel’s pint-sized protagonist, 13-year-old Eli Bell (played by the talented young Felix Cameron). The 1980s Australian thriller is set in the working-class Brisbane suburb of Darra, where Eli navigates school bullies and a tumultuous family life as well as dealing with hardened criminals along with his imaginary brother Gus (Lee Tiger Haley). . It’s a poignant, unsettling and hilarious journey through young adolescence, the realities of addiction, and brutal crime, with a killer Australian soundtrack.*SC

How to watch: The boy swallows the universe It’s now streaming on Netflix.

2. Ripley

A man stands on a ladder that leads to two different paths leading to the top.

Andrew Scott in the movie “Ripley.”
Credit: Lorenzo Sisti/Netflix

Andrew Scott He stunned television viewers with the theatrical role of Moriarty sherlock, Then like a burning priest in Flea bag. but with Ripleyhe’s playing a completely different game.

Adapted from Patricia Highsmith’s classic novel The Talented Mr. Ripley, This dramatic miniseries from Steven Zaillian draws viewers into the seductive world of Thomas Ripley, an American social climber turned con man and murderer. Ripley is offered a free trip to Italy to retrieve the heir of an expatriate industrialist, and sees a whole new world open to him: a world of privilege, art, and endless opportunity, all tied to status and money. But to claim a little of it himself, he has to get his hands dirty. Although you may know the story (or Matt Damon’s film), the patience with which he unfolds this slow-burning series allows audiences to enjoy Highsmith’s high-stakes game of jealousy, deceit, and murder. The result is an offer that feels like a lost vacation – alluring, surprising and sure to linger in your mind, heart and soul.*K.B

How to watch: Ripley It’s now streaming on Netflix.

1. Reindeer baby

A woman in a pink shirt is sitting at a bar, pointing to the smiling man tending the bar.

Richard Judd and Jessica Gunning in Baby Reindeer.
Credit: Ed Miller/Netflix

through thick and thin, Reindeer baby It’s a show that sticks with you: fun in some parts, tense in others, and generally emotionally devastating. Based on creator Richard Gadd’s experience of being stalked, the series follows a budding comedian (who plays a version of himself) as he balances professional disillusionment with his job in a London pub – until she runs into a woman named Martha (the wonderful and terrifying Jessica Gunning). ) comes one day and develops an obsession with it. “This is not the kind of show that has clear resolution.” I wrote in my Mashable review. “It’s messy, thought-provoking, and — like a dream that’s hard to shake — you’ll find your mind returning to it long after the credits have rolled.”* – Sh

How to watch: Reindeer baby It’s now streaming on Netflix.

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