Elden Ring is a difficult game. The DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, is even more difficult. The last thing you want to do is wander around aimlessly because that gives you more time to crash

This is where a good, solid map comes in handy, and fortunately the Internet comes to the rescue and provides a resource that can take some of the burden off your new favorite game.

Dedicated teams of mapmakers sometimes spend hundreds of hours fruitlessly mapping every twig when all you need is to know where that specific chest is, but if you can’t find something you need, you can generally rest assured that someone has found it And I painted it.

The best interactive map of Shadow of Erdtree

We’re expecting a flood of maps for Shadow very quickly. The usual guide sites like MapGenie and Game8 will be available once the game is released, so this is a page we will be keeping an eye on and updating with the best currently available.

For now, here are a few pages to keep an eye on initially

Elden ring wiki

Currently, the Elden Ring Wiki has a map page ready, but it only contains a generic map placeholder. If you need a map right away, we think this site will be one of the first to drop a map, though how complete any of them will be to begin with is unknown at this point.


Mega video game site IGN is publishing old Elden Ring content with an interactive Elden Ring map that you can use Get to the point where you can actually start the DLC.

IGN owns MapGenie (in case you didn’t know, so when a map drops here, it’ll probably drop there too.)

We’ll know more in the coming hours, so be sure to check back when we have a better idea of ​​where you should be heading, too.

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