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Key Takeaways for ZDNET

  • the T-Mobile Rebel 7 Pro Now available for free if you get a new font, versus $250 without.
  • The phone has a large storage space of 256 GB, a large AMOLED screen, and a large capacity battery.
  • The cameras are average and the processor is not the fastest, especially for demanding applications.

Affordable Android phones used to have to make a lot of compromises to reach a low price. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case, as it’s now difficult to justify paying $1,000 or more for an Android smartphone unless it’s a vital work tool or a flashy flagship device.

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Case in point: T-Mobile recently released a $250 refund Reveal 7 Pro 5G I spent about a month using it as a secondary daily driver. There’s a lot to like here with this phone; So much so that its low price is somewhat shocking. You can also get it for free when you add a line or trade in any phone — even if it’s not working — with an eligible plan.

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The Revvl 7 Pro 5G is available in only one color called “Azurite Blue”, which is a very dark blue with a matte finish and a bit of shine. The back panel and sides are made of plastic, but it doesn’t look cheap.

The screen is large at 6.78 inches, but it’s still smaller overall than most other larger Android models like the Google Pixel 8 Pro And Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. The slim form factor also makes it easy to handle and fit in a pocket.

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Unlike other cheap Android phones, Revvl 7 Pro supports 5G, NFC for Google Pay, and even 15W wireless charging. The fingerprint sensor is in my favorite place: on the right side of the power button, which also stands out in T-Mobile’s classic purple.

There are also some classic elements, including a 3.5mm audio port and a microSD card, making storage less of a concern.


Matthew Miller/ZeDnet

A fairly stock version of Android 14 boots the phone with only a few T-Mobile apps and a few bloatware, all of which can be removed after setting up the phone. It’s nice to see a phone without duplicate apps (I’m looking at you, Samsung) so new phone owners can get used to the typical Android experience without all the distractions.

I used the phone as a media player, and was happy with the performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 chip when it came to playing movies. Also, the stereo speakers were surprisingly good for music and podcasts. All media lasted for several hours as well, thanks to the phone’s powerful 5,000mAh battery capacity.

However, the camera on this phone is clearly not the focus, as the photos it takes are barely passable. The ultra-wide (5MP) and macro (2MP) cameras don’t offer much, and even the 50MP main camera doesn’t have very good color accuracy, with many subjects appearing too bright. However, in good lighting, you can at least take a clear shot, so it’s better than nothing.


Matthew Miller/ZeDnet

If you’re looking for a solid phone that covers the basics, the Revvl 7 Pro 5G has strong cellular reception and enough features to serve as a good first smartphone. Additionally, the large screen is ideal for clear communications whether the user is young or old, and its large-capacity battery can last up to two days, even with regular use.

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Low-cost Android phones have been an exercise in frustration. Today, phones like T-Mobile Reveal 7 Pro 5G Show that the company can get you what you want for a modest price, while providing an experience that highlights the services included in your plan. The small form factor, nearly 7-inch screen, large battery capacity, and gorgeous AMOLED display make this phone difficult to differentiate from mid-range and higher-end models that are twice the price.

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