Your keyboard is The most direct line of communication between you and your computer – whether you’re gaming, working from home, or doing anything else in front of a screen. Why not invest in one that is reliable, fun and enjoyable? I love mechanical keyboards, I even open and repair ones. Over the past few years, I’ve tested dozens, from the fastest gaming keyboards to those that deliver heightened typing experiences. These are the best mechanical keyboards out of the hundreds you can find online.

With the advancements keyboards have made over the past few years, you can’t go wrong with anything in this guide — all I recommend is that they’re well-built, sturdy, and feel great when typing on them. He said so what I Like may not be what you like – more than anything else, the “best” keyboard depends on the features you want and the type of feel you prefer when typing.

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First, read our explanation of the mechanical keyboard

Things can get really weird when you’re shopping for a mechanical keyboard. You’ll likely come across terms like switches, PBT keycaps, hot swappable keyboards, 75% keyboards, TKL, etc. If you are interested in knowing what these words mean, I advise you to read my comprehensive book How to choose and customize a mechanical keyboard Guide.

You don’t need to understand all of these words if you want a fun, good mechanical keyboard that just works — almost all of my recommendations below are fully assembled keyboards. They’re all hot-swappable, so you don’t have to feel restricted to a specific type of key. Spend some time with your new keyboard, and if you want to make a tweak or try a new combination of keys, well, that’s the beauty of mechanical keyboards – you can customize them whenever you want.

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