In the last years, Tik Tok he had Significantly large effect On book sales, and 2024 will be no different.

BookTok She has the ability to make or break bestsellers, has display tables bearing her name in bookstores, and has been transformed into Authors to the stars. There’s an ongoing debate about how to track your reading (Goodreads or Storygraph), whether audiobooks count as reading (they do), and how the most popular book should be chosen if it’s being made into a movie. But despite this ongoing drama, BookTok keeps reading.

Just six months into the year, the TikTok readership community has already crowned their favorite books.

Where sleeping girls lie By Farida Abeke Imedi

This novel follows a young woman at boarding school who begins to discover some dark secrets after her roommate disappears. All the while, she’s juggling friendships and politics at a new school. @com. earlgreyplssaid the BookTok creator, who has more than 44,500 followers TikTok review of the book That the novel is a “slower mystery” that really focuses on character development.

“The author did a great job creating the characters in this story, in my opinion,” she said. TikTok review of the book. “My biggest complaint about this book is that I think it was too long.”

Funny story By Emily Henry

Romance novelist Emily Henry, the Queen of BookTok, has managed to keep society at her fingertips with her fifth book released in the past four years. Known for her lovable, bookish heroes and playful use of tropes, her latest work, Funny story, follows Daphne, who is left by her fiancé for his childhood best friend. Stranded by her ex-husband, she moves in with Mike, the woman whose fiancé left her for her ex-husband. After a panicked lie, the unlikely duo pretends to be dating to keep up the appearance of a classic fake dating story.

BookTok is full of fictional stories, incoherent reactions, and reviews. As one of BookTokker, @edensarchives, “This is some of Emily Henry’s best work, and I can say that with confidence,” she told her nearly 70,000 followers.

What is familiar By Lee Bardugo

Leigh Bardugo’s latest book follows a major character in early 17th century Spain who possesses a small amount of magical ability, which is discovered, forcing her to compete with other people with magical abilities. One BookTok creator has over 25,000 followers, @com. greekchoirsaid while the book was “slower-paced”, Bardugo had a “rich, dark and mesmerizing writing style”.

“I was blown away by the beginning. But the middle really let me down,” @greekchoir said in a video about the book. “As talented a writer as Leigh Bardugo is, and as much as I loved what she was doing with her prose and her characters and her themes, once you start stripping that away and getting to the actual meat of the story, it becomes very hackneyed.”

But, as the Greek says, “the end of the story makes up for it.”

Couples By Holly Gramazio

A work of speculative fiction about a young woman named Lauren, who births an endless number of husbands, each of whom fixes her life in different ways, gives readers plenty to laugh about. in Tik Tok Video, Finnish author and BookTokker Lottie Saahko called it the funniest book she’s read in recent years.

Mashable Top Stories

One of the creators who posts under the handle @geminibookish Recommended for fans of rom-coms and Emily Henry.

Blue sisters By Coco Mellors

Blue sisters It depicts three very different sisters as they face grief and heartbreak after the death of their fourth sister. It’s a look at familial love and reconnection. It is a multi-point of view novel that delves into character development.

“This book was everything I never knew I needed, and it scratched an itch so deep in my mind that I couldn’t put it down.” @com.samfallingbooksThe content creator, who has more than 51,000 followers, said in a video about the book. “This book shows sisterhood in all its forms—in all its messiest forms, but also in its purest and most beautiful forms.”

Only for summer By Abby Jimenez

Romance writer Abby Jimenez isn’t just making her book friends cinnamon rolls; She’s also a devoted baker. But that’s not the reason for her latest romance, Only for summer, The BookTok community has spoken. In the book, a traveling nurse named Emma agrees to temporarily date the romantically doomed Justin, but as with all stories, things become more complicated as feelings become involved.

“You just created the best book friend ever,” BookTokker @emmalouisebooks “A million stars for this book,” raved her audience of over 45,000.

Fragrance and pain By Anna Dorn

“If you love matching your perfume to your clothes, toxic romances, and books about writers in the age of social media, I highly recommend Fragrance and pain By Anna Dorn.”

thus @glutenfreeangelfoodcakea TikTok creator who matches the books she’s reading with perfumes, describes Dorn’s latest novel in The video received more than 46,600 views. The book follows a mildly canceled writer who throws herself into some interesting and heartwarming deviances, all in homage to the lesbian pulp genre.

“This falls into the genre of a woman making bad choices, blowing things up, choosing the wrong people to date, skipping meetings with her editor, but I feel like she’s seeing decent character growth, which doesn’t always happen in these novels, and I felt like… That was refreshing,” says @glutenfreeangelfoodcake.

Wild love By Elsie Silver

Elsie Silver’s latest film features a love story between Rosie and her brother’s best friend, Ford. The romance writer’s stories exist in the same universe, so Ford is Willa’s brother from the world Chestnut Springs series. Silver’s books are on the edgier end of the romance spectrum, and her TikTok fans are loving it.

“Easiest five stars ever,” BookTokker @yannareads her nearly 230,000 followers told her.

Roommate By Emma Copley Eisenberg

Dakota Bussard, content creator on TikTok and Instagram, He told Mashable earlier this year Which Roommate Written by Emma Copley Eisenberg was a coming-of-age story that she was “most excited to read this year.” TikTok also showed up to support Eisenberg’s latest release. It’s a story about two strange roommates in Philadelphia who travel across the United States and create a work of art together.

“This book affected me” @Tell the beesthe BookTok creator, who has more than 80,000 followers, said in a Video about the book. “It was so beautiful, it was so lyrical, it was so tender.”

Fruit of the dead By Rachel Lyon

Rachel Lyonne’s latest release retells the story of Persephone and Demeter, and BookTok does not disappoint.

“I think this is actually my favorite release of 2024, even though it was the first book I read this year.” Bussard said in a video about the book. “Perfect for fans of Emma Klein, Raven Leilani, Otsa Moshfegh, and Megan Nolan.”

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