If your TikTok for You page is anything like mine right now, you won’t be able to scroll through more than one or two videos without arriving at Taylor Swift content. TikTok is encouraging interaction with the world’s biggest singer-songwriter through an interactive in-app fan experience, which it launched in March 2023.

As Swift prepares to play the first of eight shows on her Eras Tour at London’s Wembley Stadium this week, TikTok has launched the next phase of the fan experience. The social media platform is encouraging Swifties to complete weekly challenges over the next 11 weeks (one for each of Swift’s albums), all of which will earn them themed profile frames and beads to make their own digital friendship bracelets.

As a video-based platform, TikTok has proven that An important space for people to interact with music Both new and old. For young artists, it’s an opportunity for them to connect with new audiences, while for more established musicians like Swift, TikTok is a forum to meet her fans where they are. Fan experiences, like the one TikTok created with Swift, are designed to help fans go deeper than just watching the 5 million Eras Tour-related videos on the platform.

Things haven’t been entirely smooth sailing for TikTok on the music front this year, after it failed to reach a deal with Swift’s label, Universal Music Group. This failure resulted in UMG artists’ tracks being stripped from the platform for only three months Back in May. Swift was UMG’s first artist She will return to TikTok with the launch of her new album, Tortured Poets Section, next April.

Other new features that TikTok is adding to the Taylor Swift fan experience include highlight videos from each tour stop and a playlist associated with each weekly album theme. To access the experience, fans can click on the link that appears next to Taylor Swift’s content on TikTok, or interact with the search banners that appear on relevant Eras Tour search terms.

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