Spotify just announced that it will be Price increases in the United StatesBut on Friday it was announced New basic plan This brings it back to the $10.99 per month level. This new offering gives you the same ad-free music listening privileges you get in the $11.99 Premium single tier, but you won’t get the 15 monthly hours of audiobook listening that’s also included in Premium.

Last year, Spotify raised the cost of Premium from $9.99 per month — the price at which the service launched in the US more than a decade ago — To $10.99 per month. Now that Premium is an extra dollar more, the new Basic plan seems to indicate that Spotify is seeing demand for a cheaper option that ditches audiobooks. It also creates a music-only offering for the same price as the $10.99 monthly plans Apple music And Tides.

Spotify also has $9.99 per month Audiobook access layer That gives you 15 hours of audiobook time per month, but if you want to listen to music on this plan, you’ll have to hear ads.

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