Second World Games announced the launch of Fantasy Troop, a fantasy league for Web3 games, integrated into the company’s game Second World: New Era.

Alongside this launch, the company raised $3 million in a pre-sale of its native Web3 token, $SWIO.

Carlos Camillo, the developer who released his first game at age 14 and founded his first multi-million dollar company at 18, co-founded Second World Games in 2022 with Íñigo Cavestany. Around that time, Cameo saw that most cryptocurrency games weren’t fun to play.

“I never want to start with money. Games can make huge profits. But we decided to start this company with one goal — to create a great game,” Cameo, CTO of Second World Games, said in an interview with GamesBeat. A mobile game with the quality standards of the gaming industry. That’s why we started hiring a professional team of game developers.

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Their vision was to address the shortcomings of the Web3 gaming scene by creating games that prioritize immersive play over complex coding mechanics, thus appealing to a broader audience outside of the niche market. For two years, their dedicated team has worked to make this vision a reality.

The company has launched a casual racing game called Ball Guys on the App Store. The art style in Second World: New Age is based on titles like Supercell’s Clash Royale. You must build your city and earn rewards based on competition with other players. Then you build an army and start fighting others in real-time online battles.

The Second World: The New Age.  Yes, it's similar to Clash Royale.
The Second World: The New Age. Yes, it’s similar to Clash Royale.

Second World: New Era is the second game to be released live from their studio. It’s a free-to-play competitive strategy game inspired by classic games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. By leveraging Web3 technology like Immutable zkEVM with Polygon support, players compete globally, earn rewards, and engage in strategic NFT transactions for real financial gains.

Set on a planet inspired by the real world, Second World: New Era combines city building with PvP strategy, inviting players to rebuild civilization one city at a time, manage battle formations, and climb leaderboards to earn special rewards.

Second World Games now presents “Fantasy Troop”, the first fantasy league for Web3 games that combines active gameplay with strategic management. Fantasy Troop integrates seamlessly with Second World: New Era, creating a competitive fantasy sports environment where investors and players collaborate in a dynamic system.

Effective management and skillful play are essential to win and earn rewards. Skilled Web2 players find their space in this new world, while Web3 investors manage them, providing lucrative opportunities for both gamers and non-gamers alike, democratizing the space for all enthusiasts.

Fantasy Troop will launch in beta the week of June 17, with SWIO TGE set to go live on June 26. Pending a successful beta, the official launch is scheduled for July.

The token, $SWIO, has already received $3 million in pre-sale from industry leaders such as Paul Saliba,
CEO of Volpex, and Koh Unozawa, CEO of Bit2Me. It empowers players by connecting the studio’s works
Performance with token value.

In addition to being a symbol of achievement, $SWIO improves the gaming experience by allowing players to purchase in-game assets and earn rewards through in-game tournaments and quests.

Features of Imagination Forces

The Captain forms teams of ten skilled players to compete for $SWIO. Both players and leaders share in the gains, fostering a collaborative climate and passive income opportunities. Leaders allocate resources to players, who then bet on battles.

The captain then makes strategic decisions about hiring, firing, and reallocating funds based on performance. Fantasy Troop maintains fairness and competitiveness with its finely balanced matchmaking system, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The company is based in Estonia, but most of the people are in Madrid. The team includes 15 people.

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