Being a teenage girl can be A real horror show. Movies like Jennifer’s body, the gingerbread, the craft, Bones and all, my blue mind, And Temptation She makes this point with various forms of terrifying heroines, from the diabolical to the lycanthropic, all of whom confront the gore, body horror, and emotions that threaten to destroy them. Into their brotherhood now mingles a timid vampire who flinches at the thought of causing pain. However, Sasha (Sarah Montpetit) craves blood in the surprisingly funny film. A human vampire seeks the suicidal person’s approval.

Canadian director Ariane-Louis Sez makes her directorial debut with the bold and mysterious horror comedy that plays… Romeo and Juliet meet Beetlejuice And Emily.

What is it A human vampire seeks the suicidal person’s approval on?

As with the titles, this ad is quite revealing, not only in setting up the central plot but also suggesting a ‘lonely hearts’ ad with a dark sense of humour. A human vampire seeks the suicidal person’s approval (Also known as A human vampire seeks consent to commit suicide in her native Quebec) begins with Sasha, a teenage vampire who has aged out, much to her family’s dismay. Despite showing her fangs, she fails to even take a bite of her birthday present – ​​not cake but a clueless party clown who becomes a family dish for the rest of her blood-sucking brood.

As in many vampire films, Drinking blood is linked to sex. While her fellow vamps are more or less turned on by inflicting terror and pain on their human prey, Sasha runs away from it. However, she needs blood to “live,” so her bewildered parents give her bags of blood to breastfeed, just like a baby carrying a Capri Sun. But Sasha feels an unfamiliar stirring in her fangs when she meets Paul (Felix Antoine Benard), a high school student and a sad, sad person who dreams of death.

Not many movies can pull off a romantic encounter in a suicide prevention group therapy session, but Louis Sez manages it by leaning heavily on the offbeat but undeniable chemistry between Montpetit and Benard. There is a charming tenderness between the vampire girl who doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and the teenage boy who would die to feel like his life was worthwhile.

A human vampire seeks the suicidal person’s approval It proves to be a brutal parody of teenage romance.

From group therapy, the odd duo wanders into the night for one of those first dates that last hours, drawing them into messily entertaining adventures. (He thinks Nick and Nora’s endless playlist But satisfying.) Of course, the plan is to end the night with him being the first (consensual victim). But before they get down to business, Sasha insists that Paul must fulfill his last wish, which is to get back at the school bullies who made his life hell.

It’s easy to imagine how this premise in the context of a horror comedy could lead to some truly horrific antics. However, Louis-Seize’s film is bound by gore, sparing it with splashes of blood and viscera that appeal but frighten her troubled heroine. Alternatively, French Canadian Human vampire It has a strange sense of whimsy reminiscent of French Romanticism Emily, Where the heroine experienced great tragedy, but found compelling pleasures. This film strays away from charming cafés and quaint fantasy in favor of the slightly macabre, throwing a dead bat at a cruel authority figure and cursing a colleague while escaping and flipping the bird. Paul’s revenge was so young, so toothless, that it was almost remarkable.

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In these childish and exciting snippets, Sasha and Paul discover the partner in petty crime they’ve been longing for. It’s the freedom of escape found in the montages of these romantic dramas in which two terminally ill teenagers, connected through gentle shenanigans, rebel against their doom. Yet here, bathed in the dark shades and bright hues of red, orange and deep blue, these star-crossed lovers have greater buoyancy and, strangely enough, the ability to hope for more than one wonderful night together. Do we dare to dream with them?

A human vampire seeks the suicidal person’s approval He realizes that parents are a teenager’s worst nightmare.

Amid the awkward humor of misfit teens acting out and the comedic murder of birthday clowns, Louis Sez and Christine Doyon’s deft screenplay also distorts the family dynamics that traditionally torment high school heroes in movies and television.

Sasha’s father (Steve LaPlante) is passionate about her refusal to hunt, mirroring many parents who fear losing their young daughter. Meanwhile, her mother resents having to search for the sulking vampire, and scolds her that she won’t do this for the next 300 years! Sasha’s wealthy and outspoken aunt, always clutching her pocket and scowling, delivers even sharper judgment with hilariously brutal barbs. But most of the pieces may belong to her older cousin Denise (Noemie O’Farrell), a bohemian vamp who feeds on the blood of her warring brothers and whose mercurial charm was wrested from Angelina Jolie around Girl interrupts.

Collectively, this band of vampires creates a family dynamic that is both hilariously terrifying but also familiar. It’s easy to imagine them wandering into a John Hughes movie, perhaps to wipe a smile off a face or a Ferris Bueller show Sixteen candlesSamantha Baker How a real party is done. This kind of collision between teen comedy, with its over-the-top romanticism, rampant lust, and familial turmoil, and adulthood horror, with its faint sexual threat, hungry heart, and potential for carnage, makes for an intoxicating, unpredictable experience.

finally, Human vampire It’s more of a teen comedy than a vampire horror. Its fanged heroine is more at peace listening to records with her crush than being the creature that clashes in the night. However, by employing elements of vampire lore, Louis-Seize manages to creatively express the unique torment of being a teenage girl coming to terms with her changing body and disturbing new desires. Instead of reveling in the horror of these changes, the director dives into the uncomfortable sweetness of exploring flirtation, lust, and other prickly pleasures while growing up.

You might not expect a movie that begins with a clown massacre to be so pretty. Until now A human vampire seeks the suicidal person’s approval He meticulously combines its darkest elements with threads of whimsy, humor, and chilling romance to create a uniquely exciting vampire story and a bloody good time.

A human vampire seeks the suicidal person’s approval Opens In New York City and Los Angeles on June 21followed by a nationwide rollout.

Updated: June 20, 2024, 5:30 PM EST “A Human Vampire Seeks Suicidal Consent” was reviewed from its North American premiere at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival in this article, published in September 2023. The review has been updated to include information about its theatrical release.

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