Refunds have begun for Arkane Austin’s ill-fated shooter Redfall for customers who ordered it, one month after Microsoft shut down the studio and offered refunds to those who purchased its premium content.

The refunds in question relate to the premium DLC planned for the game’s Hero Pass. Arkane Austin had told players in November that the DLC expansion was still in development, and that he would have more to share in 2024. Close the studiothe rest of the staff confirmed that this DLC will never be released.

The Hero Pass was part of the Bite Back Special Edition, which was sold at retail and online marketplaces. There was also the Bite Back upgrade, which was an online-only purchase that gave purchasers of the Basic Edition the Special Edition content.

Presumably, many users took advantage of the upgrade instead of the Special Edition because Redfall was launching day one on Xbox Game Pass. Subscribers, rightfully believing that Microsoft wouldn’t pull it from the library anytime soon (and it hasn’t, despite Arkane Austin’s closure) simply purchased the upgrade and played the version of Game Pass they were entitled to as subscribers.

Other players confirm the screenshot in this X post Their money is refunded Without asking for one. If you bought this content, you probably will too. Another post on Reddit has been confirmed Refunds are coming to Steam users.

For those who want to be doubly sure they’ll get their money back, another Redditor pointed out that Xbox Live support agents, via chat, Immediate refunds can be issued If requested. Those who have purchased the physical releases must go through a separate process, and must contact Bethesda Softworks Customer Support For instructions on how to get their money back.

What happened to Redfall?

Xbox Game Studios shut down Arkane Austin (as well as Tango Gameworks, the maker of Ghostwire: Tokyo, on May 7. Both companies were affiliated with Bethesda Softworks. While Ghostwire: Tokyo was in development before Microsoft acquired Bethesda in 2020, the game was an exclusive On the publisher-honoured PlayStation, Redfall is positioned as a day-one Game Pass launch, the kind that will increase the value of the subscription.

Redfall, unfortunately, has been delayed from its original 2022 release date to 2023, part of a first-party Game Pass launch drought that has hurt Xbox Game Studios’ reputation and outlook.

Redfall itself was a critical failure, with reviewers saying that despite the novel premise of a seaside town overrun by vampires, the gameplay itself was dull and repetitive, serving up an overall unpolished title. the game Received a recent update On Austin’s way out the door.

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