ready Partnered with physical-digital “phygital” entertainment festival Open world now (Property of) Web3 Games.

The strategic cooperation aims to enhance the festival-goers’ experience by integrating Web3 games and innovative technology-based activities.

ready It also appointed John Nash, its seasonal CFO, as chief operating officer. Cristina Macedo has transitioned to CEO and Co-Founder, and David S. Bennahum no longer serves as CEO and remains a co-founder of Readygg. The company portrayed the change as moving from a startup to a product or platform company. Readygg said it has reached the point where its co-founders feel the need to bring additional skill sets as their token — their ultimate go-to-market strategy — goes up for pre-sale next month.

Develop exclusive tournaments and activities

Through this partnership, Valencia, Spain-based OWN will host a series of exclusive tournaments and activities showcasing the best of Readygg’s Web3 games. OWN Festival attendees will have the opportunity to interact with the latest Web3 games.

Lil Snack and Beat Games

GamesBeat is excited to partner with Lil Snack to make games just for our fans! As gamers, we know this is an exciting way to engage in gameplay with GamesBeat content you’ve already loved. Start playing games now!

In a joint initiative, OWN and Readygg will offer OWN Quest, a loyalty platform powered by Readygg. This platform is designed to offer unique rewards and enhance participant engagement by attendees.

“Partnering with Readygg allows us to bring the future of gaming to our festival goers,” OWN’s Javier Carrión said in a statement. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing innovative and immersive experiences that connect the digital and physical worlds.”

Readygg will play a role in OWN Connect, the festival’s dedicated space for panels and conversations. As a key partner, Readygg will lead a series of discussions focused on promoting Web3 technology and its applications. These sessions are designed to educate, inspire and foster dialogue among attendees. Readygg will also have a booth at OWN.

“We are excited to join forces with OWN to showcase the potential of Web3 games and enable digital identities on-chain,” ReadYgg CEO Cristina Macedo said in a statement. “Together, we are creating a festival experience that not only entertains, but also educates and engages participants in new and meaningful ways by connecting physical and digital experiences powered by blockchain technology.”

New Operations Manager

Meanwhile, Nash was recently named COO, and Macedo, who was previously COO and chief product officer, was named CEO, replacing Benahmom. The goal is to leverage Nash’s experience in traditional finance, gaming and cryptocurrency sectors.

An experienced gamer, entrepreneur, and CFA charterholder based in New York City, he is best known for his strategic investments in Snackclub, where he has championed early funding for over 50 Web3 gaming startups, including Big Time, Shrapnel, and Phantom Galaxies.

“After three cryptocurrencies, and speaking with thousands of Web3 gaming companies, Readygg was the only gaming project I came across that had market fit and was on its way to mass adoption. At Readygg, we have a unique opportunity to onboard billions of players,” Nash said in a statement. Real people to the blockchain with a turnkey solution to convert any Web2 game to Web3.” “I have joined READYgg to
Help turn this vision into reality.”

As COO, Nash will oversee Readygg’s ongoing operations and procedures, with the goal of maximizing efficiency and driving growth as the company prepares to launch its public token in July and continues to innovate in the gaming industry. The company employs about 21 employees and a larger number of contractors.

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