If your iPhone is digitally bloated because of all those photos on it, He has a new way to support them Photo backup for iOS. Photo backup is now available for Since December and have officially moved to Apple devices.

The Swiss company offers no other way to automatically upload your photos to new online storage. Proton also promises that it will be stored securely with secure end-to-end encryption so no one else can see or access it.

Proton also promises seamless integration with your iPhone and photo library. This feature can automatically upload and sync your photo and video collection, and provides simultaneous access on the web and mobile devices. There is also an “Available Offline” mode so you can maintain access to some photos and videos without accessing the Internet while maintaining an encrypted security state.

Proton’s Photo Backup offers up to 5GB of free storage and a $4 per month plan for 200GB of storage. The Proton Unlimited plan offers 500GB of storage for $10 per month and access to other Proton services like Proton Mail and Proton VPN.

Proton started in 2014 as Proton Mail, an encrypted email service that was funded by a successful startup. Which raised more than $550,000 from more than 10,000 supporters. Since then, the Swiss company has added new encrypted services such as VPN, cloud storage and calendaring . The company reshaped itself on Monday by announcing that it would move to a nonprofit model because “the Swiss nonprofit structure provides additional security, which the company cannot achieve on its own,” according to Bloomberg. . Specifically, the company says it has no venture capital investors, and it also noted that Swiss institutions have no shareholders, so positioning itself in this new model could be beneficial for the company to stay afloat in a world where Google, Microsoft, and Apple are in the mix. The performances are dominant.

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