Powered by Coinbase, Base has become one of the most popular and well-known blockchain networks of the year, especially for new networks Meme coinsThis makes it the preferred choice of many smart traders.

Today we will review three key projects that experts consider a must-buy with a high potential to explode.

Additionally, we’ll examine an additional fourth project with the most upside potential, called Dawgs base. Make sure you stick to this.

Brett (Brett)

BRETT is currently the leading and largest coin on the main chain, and experts believe it has a promising future. Brett’s website describes this meme as “Pepe’s best friend at the base.” Brett and Baby both appeared in Matt Furie’s Boy’s Club comic book.

The initiative introduces Brit as the core network logo, with a growing community of traders. Brett’s Telegram group has over 24,000 subscribers. There are a total of 10 billion BRETT tokens in circulation.

Brit’s market cap is just $1.5 billion after rising nearly 5% today. Currently, Brit is trading around $0.1553, which is 20.28% below its all-time high.

Several top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges are promoting Brit by accelerating the listing of the meme coin on their platforms. Recently, Kraken and Woo listed BRETT perpetual contracts on their derivatives exchanges, and Woo also launched a meme coin on its spot market.

Given its status as the top token for basic memes, experts believe that other cryptocurrency exchanges such as OKX, Binance, and Coinbase may join it as well. Therefore, Brett is a reasonable choice for those looking to interact more with Base Chain tokens.

Since Brit is the most popular base coin, it has the greatest potential to become a billion dollar entity. However, their growth potential is much lower compared to small business initiatives. Pepe is likely to hit new highs in July, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Brit also hits the $0.20 level by next month.

Toshi (Toshi)

Next up is Toshi, a project that stands out for its stunning artwork and comprehensive set of functions. Toshi (TOSHI) is an undervalued cryptocurrency and one of the original on-chain meme coins, which was launched in August 2023.

Similar to Britt, Toshi asserts herself as the embodiment of Base. It functions as a meme coin token offering various benefits to its holders, including a multi-messenger tool that facilitates easy distribution of new tokens through airdrops.

Additionally, it provides tools to launch new meme initiatives, enabling founders to lock up their tokens and secure initial liquidity pools. Other potential applications include decentralized trading tools and a launching pad for new projects. CoinMarketCap initially listed Toshi’s price at $0.00003567.

Since its inception, Toshi has seen a notable increase in value, currently trading at a premium of over 700%, resulting in a market capitalization of just over $100 million.

Despite a recent decline of 19% over the past week, Toshi has shown a 3% rise in the past month and an impressive 700% growth over the past year. At about 63% below its all-time high, Toshi shows significant growth potential.

The project’s DAO structure ensures that the interests of the community take precedence, providing a level of security and engagement that attracts many investors.

ROOST coin

Third, let’s discuss Roost, a project that has had its share of controversy, especially regarding contract modification that involves moving liquidity from an old contract to a new contract. Despite these challenges, Roost remains a resilient project, particularly buoyed by Andrew Tate’s endorsement across various platforms.

Roost boasts a community of over 85,000 token holders, indicating strong support. Although contract issues involve risks, the project’s high visibility and strong follow-through indicate its durability.

Recently, ROOST introduced staking. A few days ago, the ROOST team on X announced that staking is now live, allowing users to deposit their coins without a lockup period and claim rewards daily.

At the time of writing, Roost Coin’s price has fallen by 5% over the past 24 hours, trading at $0.0187, accompanied by a 20% increase in trading volume to over $500,000. However, over the past month, ROOST’s price has more than doubled, resulting in a market capitalization of $18 million.

Current chart patterns indicate that Roost Coin price is poised for a significant upside rally, driven by bullish momentum from the bullish flag formation, with the aim of surpassing the previous high at $0.079. With increasing momentum, the price is expected to reach a new peak around $0.098.


Dawgs base (DAWGZ), the newest meme on the main chain, has raised over $1.8 million in its initial coin offering (ICO). Achieving this feat in just over two weeks has caught the attention of crypto influencers and wealthy meme investors.

Base Dawgz Presale raises nearly $2 millionBase Dawgz Presale raises nearly $2 million

The official website highlights several benefits of Base Dawgz, including its ability to standardize the blockchain as a multi-chain asset. Unlike BRETT, which runs on only one chain, $DAWGZ uses Wormhole and Portal Bridge technology, allowing cross-chain interaction of Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche and BNB.

Being multi-chain, Base Dawgz is a resilient cryptocurrency, expanding its scope and potentially bringing together diverse meme communities. The project has also generated excitement with its innovative share-for-profit system.

Investors who purchase $DAWGZ can link their social media accounts to the Base Dawgz pre-sale platform and earn points by re-sharing content from Dawgz X base calculation. These points can be exchanged for $DAWGZ tokens through an airdrop at the end of the ICO.

Additionally, Base Dawgz plans to launch a staking protocol on Ethereum soon, offering investors the opportunity to stake their tokens and earn passive income. Prospective investors can visit our directory at How to buy Base Dawgz tokens here.

Furthermore, the development team has proactively addressed common concerns associated with new meme coins. For example, the token smart contract was audited by Solid Proof, which found no vulnerabilities or centralization risks.

Investors interested in Base Dawgz can contact the development team via or through email cable for further information. To participate in the $DAWGZ token pre-sale, visit


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