They don’t always get along, and they’ve endured tragedies that would be enough to break up any marriage, let alone one between them. Two of the most powerful families in Westeros. but Lord Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint) and Princess Rhaenys Targaryen (Eve Best) somehow still have the most enviable relationship. Dragon House. In a show featuring mostly couples With practical problemsCorlys and Rhaenys have a mutual respect and affection that seems all too rare.

Speaking to a range of journalists, including io9, before Dragon HouseSeason 2 premiereToussaint and Best were asked for their best relationship advice, in the context of their characters on game of thrones prefix.

He speaks To each other,” Afzal said.[Rhaenys] It was kind of a crossover with [Corlys] Because the things that appear in Season 2 are not actually related to war, but they severely test that connection. Rhaenys was upset with Corlys, because [there’s] Someone who wants to talk and deal with the elephant in the room and someone no “I want to talk and I want to sweep it all under the rug, which is very upsetting,” she said, and it’s understandable that she doesn’t want to reveal anything that would spoil the story.

“But I also feel like what I want to say to her is: You Owns To show your weakness because she is invincible, she is very strong, and she is very good at keeping calm. “She never tells him how much pain she’s in because I think her heart is broken. That was so hard to bear. I wanted to tell her: Let him see how much pain you’re in! You don’t have to put it all together. You don’t have to do all the work This is a two-way thing so I would say communication is key and allowing yourself to be vulnerable [are] My advice.”

Toussaint agreed. “I think it’s the same for Corliss. But the thing I would say is: Pay attention to your spouse because sometimes, your partner may not say something in public, but you can tell by the way they act. But he doesn’t, meaning ‘if you don’t say.’ . [something about it], decent.’ Over the years I have learned to care about behavior as much as I do about the spoken word as well how Something is said, no less important What And it is said.

io9 also got a chance to ask Toussaint about two mysterious new characters Sea Snake will interact with in Season 2: Alyn of Hull, played by Abu Bakr Salem, who was in the season premiere — and Alyn’s brother, Addam, played by Clinton Liberty. He will appear for the first time in the second episode.

“What can I tell you without them dragging me away and beating me in a small room?” Toussaint joked. “I think I can tell you that Allen is very much his own man. He’s a self-made man. He doesn’t need help from anyone. I think that’s what Corliss was like when he was younger, and he recognizes that spirit within him. He admires his independence.” The spirit, and – and this is a phrase I don’t use very often – his courage, he admires that, and that will play into their interactions as we move forward Corlys doesn’t have a relationship with Addam until later in the season I think but again, Adam is – like “The Clinton he plays – he has a very sweet, innocent soul and I think those who come into contact with him can’t help but be fascinated by him – that’s as much as I can tell you, I’m afraid.”

New episodes of Dragon House Arrives Sundays on HBO and Max.

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