OpenAI has made its first acquisition, an analytics startup called Rockset.

ChatGPT Maker Announce deal on Friday, saying “we will integrate Rockset’s technology to power our recovery infrastructure across products.” The company also said that members of the Rockset team will join OpenAI.

As the ongoing battle to build the most capable AI models rages on, OpenAI seeks… Competitive advantage Against competitors such as Google and Anthropic.

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Details of how Rockset’s real-time search and analytics database will integrate with OpenAI products are unclear (As is the amount OpenAI pays to acquire Rockset). But OpenAI has an enterprise model for businesses, which can benefit from querying and analyzing data in the form of a chatbot. OpenAI is also rumored to be working on a search engine, so acquiring a company that enables real-time data retrieval could indicate that ChatGPT is becoming a formidable competitor to Google Search. Then there is the OpenAI API, which can be improved with more or better data analysis tools.

“We’re excited to join forces with OpenAI to enable users, enterprises and developers to take full advantage of their data by bringing powerful AI retrieval,” said Venkat Venkataramani, CEO of Rockset. “So it could mean bringing Rockset’s technology to all of the above.”

In Roxette advertisementVenkataramani also mentioned that Rockset OpenAI will “help solve difficult database problems faced by large-scale AI applications.” This points to the increasingly obvious problem of feeding AI models with high-quality data and ensuring proper fit.

Stay tuned, more details are sure to emerge soon.

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