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Key Takeaways for ZDNET

  • the Blackview Tab 18 tablet runs on Android Currently available for $299.
  • This gorgeous 12-inch Android tablet has it all – a big screen, a powerful processor, plenty of RAM, and plenty of power to handle everything the average user needs.
  • I just wish the screen was a little brighter for use in direct sunlight.

That I love iPad Pro, but Apple’s 12.9-inch giant isn’t cheap. People looking for a cheaper but similarly sized alternative should turn to Android.

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Unfortunately, I found most Large Android tablets To be huge and cumbersome. So, it’s refreshing to finally find something stylish, delightfully designed, and a joy to hold – even for long periods.

the Blackview Tab 18 Check all these boxes and more.

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Technical specifications of the Blackview Tab 18

  • an offer: 12 inches 2.4K, FHD+ IPS, resolution 1200 x 2000, screen-to-body ratio 86.6%
  • CPU: Octa-core MediaTek Helio G99
  • ram: 12GB LPDDR4X (12GB RAM expansion)
  • ROM: 256 GB UFS2.1
  • Maximum microSD/TF card capacity: Up to 1 TB
  • OS: DokeOS_P 4.0 (Based on Android 13)
  • Card slot: Dual hybrid card slots; 1 x SIM +1 TF or 2 x SIM
  • Cameras: 8-megapixel Samsung front camera, 16-megapixel SK Hynix rear camera
  • battery: 8800 mAh supports 33W fast charging
  • Loudspeaker: Harman Kardon quad surround speakers
  • color: Turquoise green, ice blue, space grey
  • The dimension: 277.6 x 173.2 x 7.9 mm
  • Weight: 632 grams (1.4 lbs)

Here’s the first thing I noticed about this tablet: how thin and light it feels in the hand.

At 0.3 inches/7.9mm thick and weighing 1.4lbs/632g, this device is a bit thicker and a bit lighter than the device. iPad Pro 12.9 inchesbut for an Android tablet on a budget, not carrying around a tablet that feels like it’s made of concrete is a breath of fresh air.

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Sure, I’d keep this tablet in a case to protect it from accidents caused by neglect and gravity, making it just as bulky as my iPad Pro, but it’s nice to see a thin and light Android tablet.

The Tab 18 is comfortable to hold for long periods

The Tab 18 is comfortable to hold for long periods.

Adrian Kingsley Hughes/ZDNET

It’s also a beautiful tablet, sleek and seamless, with glass and metal flowing into each other to create something that’s both stunning-looking and functional at the same time. The space gray finish of my Tab 18 was flawless, and did a good job of resisting scratches, scuffs, and even fingerprints.

Speaking of fingerprints, the Tab 18 features a fingerprint reader And Biometrics for facial recognition, giving you options for easy login to your tablet.

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The 12-inch screen is also a breath of fresh air. It’s big enough to get real work done. It’s sharp enough to make extended reading or video-watching sessions comfortable. It is bright enough to be viewable under a wide range of conditions. The touch is gentle and responsive, resulting in a very natural feel. the TÜV certified low blue light rating It’s a nice touch for those who worry that these wavelengths are disturbing their sleep patterns.

The screen is large enough to get real work done on the Tab 18

The screen is large enough to get real work done.

Adrian Kingsley Hughes/ZDNET

Then there are Harman Kardon’s quad speakers, which create an immersive soundscape, taking you out of the world around you and putting you into whatever game or movie — or business meeting — you’re listening to. I’m not an audiophile — I grew up on poor quality speakers and headphones with those sweaty sponges — but to my ears, the audio output from this tablet was great regardless of whether I was watching Netflix, playing a game, or listening to buildup Your backlog of audiobooks from Audible, or via voice call.

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The 8,000mAh battery is good for roughly 10 hours of web browsing and general tasks like email and document editing, with playing games and watching videos for an hour or so of that runtime, which isn’t bad at all. That’s great time for real-world play from a budget 12-inch tablet.

Combining the large battery with 33W fast charging capability that can charge the battery from zero to 50% in about an hour, I didn’t find myself worrying about the battery at all. I’ve seen much worse performance from much higher priced devices than this.

Thin and light

Adrian Kingsley Hughes/ZDNET

As for thermal management, I fully expected this tablet to get warm and toasty under heavy load, and although it does get warm when the going gets tough, the thermal conductivity system that Blackview has built into this system, boasting more than 18.6 sq. 12,000mm of heat dissipation area, resulting in a great user experience during which I never saw the tablet exceed 104°F/40°C.

There’s nothing more unnerving than trying to use a tablet that slowly goes from warm to warmer to “Hey, is this thing going to burn me?” I pushed the Tab 18 as hard as I could for long periods, and at no point did it get to the point where it felt like it was getting hot.

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If you leave your expectations of a high-performance tablet at the door, you won’t be disappointed with the Blackview. The octa-core processor and 12GB of built-in RAM provide a great user experience.

The Tab 18 can't keep up with high-end devices, but it's more than enough for most users

The Tab 18 can’t keep up with high-end devices, but it’s more than enough for most users.

Adrian Kingsley Hughes/ZDNET

The cameras on this unit are acceptable at best, good compared to even the best cameras from a few years ago but they fall short of all the computational skills that high-end devices perform on images. At the extremes of photography – low light or sunny daylight – cameras struggle. But for normal snapshots in normal circumstances, it is ideal for those who want to look for likes on social media, as well as for taking photos for reports and other activities related to work or school.

Tab 18 camera array

Adrian Kingsley Hughes/ZDNET

Again, remember the price here. $299. Not so long ago you couldn’t dream of a 12-inch tablet for anything close to this price. Now you’re getting such a tablet with a powerful processor, plenty of RAM, storage bags, and decent cameras $140 more than Apple charges for a 3-meter Thunderbolt 4 cable.

ZDNET Buying Advice

the Blackview Tab 18 It’s a great tablet and perfect for work, school, or if you want a tablet for your living room or workshop. I have tried this device and have no complaints. The price makes this a can’t-miss deal as long as you’re willing to part with the Apple or Samsung logo emblazoned on the back. Ultimately, if you want more power and performance — power and performance that most users never use — you’ll have to dig deeper and pay more. If you want a tablet and not an ego booster, the Tab 18 is worth a look.

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