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If you are a die-hard Android user and can’t wait a few more months to get Android 15, now is the best time to check out the beta. the The third beta version of Android 15 The rollout began several days ago and has officially reached platform stability. This means that developers can program their applications on this version of Android without worrying about bugs and crashes (except those that have not yet been discovered, of course).

according to 9to5Googlewhich does a very thorough job of combing through the beta documentation, the Android 15 beta It comes with countless fixes for things. For example, the share sheet will no longer crash. I encountered this bug in the last beta, and it was a stark reminder of why preview devices don’t install on my daily driver.

Android 15 Beta 3 debuts some new capabilities that weren’t present in previous versions, like Adaptive Timeout, which dims the screen after a period of inactivity, and Safe Browsing, which allows you to check websites and search terms without touching your Google account. There’s also a new Home Control screensaver, which is a redo of the device controls shortcut from the Notification Center. At the very least, your favorites are pinned, so they’re always there.

The 9to5Google article I cited also reminds us that even if the platform is stable, you risk bugs when running unreleased software. The Adaptive Timeout feature is missing from the On Screen Timeout options Pixel 6 Pro to One commenter. I can confirm it’s also missing on our Gizmodo review device running the latest beta.

If you’d rather not wait for the beta and are curious to try something like Adaptive Timeout, there are third-party apps that can make that easier now. Intelligencethe trusted Android tips blog recommends Kinscreenwhich provides similar screen dimming capabilities.

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