Nola Signature Mattress, Nola’s all-foam booster bed has a premium design. What should you know about this option? what’s it made of? Who would it be best for? We’ll cover all of these questions and much more in today’s Home Video Scene. Hey guys, I’m JD with CNET and I hope you’re doing well today In this video as the title suggests, we’re going to cover the five main things and more you should know about Nola’s signature. This is a high quality bed and has a lot to offer, but since this is a video I’ll go through it fairly quickly, but you should know that I did a full write-up on our site recently and we’ll try to link it below in the description box. Also keep in mind that Nola sent us this bed for free to review. But the first major thing you should know about it is its premium construction. So the full F version of this bed is about 12 inches thick. It has dense support foam at the bottom. A few transition layers on top of that to provide more support and pressure relief on the mattress and then a nice layer of NOLA air foam on top. This layer is designed with an area supportive design and the cover is made of organic cotton which is also a little cool to touch in design. You can take one look at this bed and see that it is very premium and definitely a step up from the original Nola bed and having the area support feature in the bed is not a bad thing either, especially if you have area support for back pain at night. If you didn’t know that this is already a design feature, it’s more comfortable for your back. It helps promote proper spinal alignment and no matter how you decide to sleep on the bed, you can rest easy knowing that your back will be neutrally aligned on this mattress. And hey, having an organic cotton cover that feels a little cool isn’t a bad thing either. But the second thing you should know about it is the overall feeling of mattress that this bed offers. So for our team, the signature has a very subtle feel. We’d rate it as better quality than mixed or blended foam. The specialized Nola air foam on top is almost identical to memory foam and the amount of pressure relief it provides. But the response time is closer to the response time of neutral foam. Overall, it’s an interesting feeling to have in your next bed. And even though it may seem strange or strange. First off, it’s very comfortable and can accommodate most people, if you prefer memory foam beds in general or just super responsive latex foam beds, then obviously you should go for that firm mattress, but combining these two into one isn’t a bad feeling I personally found it comfortable Extremely. The third thing you should know about the Nola premium mattress is the overall appearance of the oven. We’d score this bed between average and fair on our scale. So, in the middle of those two ovens, this is a great option for sleepers on the firm side or even co-sleepers who prefer something a little softer. When you’re on your side on this mattress, you’ll definitely feel a lot of sinking and pressure relief, and it definitely helps accommodate pressure points within those areas of the body. But if you’re looking for a firmer Nola mattress, we have the Nola Evolution 15, which is available in a firm configuration and the extra comfort is also on the firmer side. So keep these options in mind if you’re a back or stomach sleeper looking for a more supportive hybrid material. The fourth thing you should know about NOLA signing is the set of policies you’ll be back if you decide to go this route and it goes beyond the usual industry standards. By default, this bed will be shipped to you in a box. You can set up white glove delivery with the bed for a little extra. You get a 120-night trial once you’re in possession and you can actually waive that trial to save an extra $100 off the bed. If you want to return it, you will have to pay a return fee. But if you decide to keep it, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty, which isn’t half bad. If you want to find out more about these policy matters, check the description box and you will find more information there for you. I think it’s great that Nola offers an optional trial waiver and even a setup service if you want to pursue that. But speaking of these additional services, the fifth and final thing you should know about the Nola Signature is its price. Keep in mind I’m photographing this during a big sale. So this price may be a little different when you watch this video. But as of the time I am clocking the queen size retail volume at around the $2100 mark. But after the discount, which you should be able to locate in the description box for this video, I think you’ll pay a little over $13 and $50. And again, if you waive the trial, that’s an additional $100 off. So be sure to check the description below to find out what the latest promotions and prices are for this bed. But to sum things up with a nice final verdict on who I ultimately find this bed to work best for if you’re in the market for a more premium bed, this is an all foam bed with a mixed foam feel. You want to choose between two different support options while incorporating some region support. And you want a very great value for a high quality iPhone bed online. I can’t really see a lot of people going wrong with this option. It’s a great bed worth considering, especially if you tend to prefer your side at night. But let us know what you guys think. Would you go with this mattress? Why write to us below in the comments? We’d love to hear from you. If you enjoyed this video, maybe you got something out of it, hit the like button on it and always consider subscribing to cnet home for more. But that’s what we’ll do with this. I’m a JD with CNET. As always we will see you next time.

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