Basic memecoins jumped by double digits today following the SEC news for ETH. Will this affect the pre-sale surge of the new Base meme coin called Base Dawgz?

Base Dawgz has all the features of a Top coin memeIts presence on the fast-growing basic chain indicates that it may witness a major boom when it is listed on exchanges.

Due to its increasing popularity, Dawgs base It is one of the major cryptocurrencies to watch now.

Base Dawgz has strong support from influencers and analysts, and expects massive returns

The 99Bitcoins YouTube team isn’t the only group optimistic about Base Dawgz. Influencers like Crypto Boy have also called it the next 100x meme coin. Cryptocurrency analysts are among the most vocal supporters, recognizing the potential of $DAWGZ and wanting the cryptocurrency community to know about it.

Notable analysts backing Base Dawgz include Jacob “Crypto” Bury, who expects $DAWGZ to gain 100x post-launch. YouTuber Matthew Perry went further, telling his 220,000-plus subscribers that $DAWGZ could be the next $BRETT.

Other analysts, such as Cilinix Crypto, TodayTrader, and STOCK INVESTOR, also shared their predictions of 10x to 100x gains for this exciting new memecoin.

Base Dawgz is seeing strong pre-sale demand, reaching nearly $2 million

Base Dawgz, a new memecoin on Coinbase’s Layer-2 blockchain, has raised more than $1.9 million in one of the most significant pre-sales of the year. The presale has only been open for a few weeks, and its explosive start suggests that this token could rise higher after it hits exchanges.

Base Dawgz Presale raises nearly $2 millionBase Dawgz Presale raises nearly $2 million

While the $DAWGZ token is native to Base, it also works with Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche. This cross-chain compatibility ensures that $DAWGZ will reach many traders during its launch. Investors can buy DAWGZ with USD on all five chains during the Base Dawgz pre-sale.

The token is currently priced at $0.00527, which is a significant discount from the planned list price. However, the next price increase will occur in less than 3 days, so investors must act quickly to secure the best price. Prospective investors can visit our directory at How to buy Base Dawgz tokens here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a discounted price on one of the hottest multi-chain meme coins of the year and start earning extra DAWGZ dollars by promoting the project. Investors can contact the development team through project email or cable And follow Dawgz X base calculation To get the latest updates.

Base Dawgz’s unique rewards and strong security measures

Base Dawgz builds excitement for the pre-sale with a participation rewards system to earn the innovator. Buyers of $DAWGZ tokens during the pre-sale can obtain additional coins by promoting Base Dawgz on social media.

The process is straightforward: Investors link their X accounts to the pre-sale site and re-share content from their Base Dawgz At the end of the pre-sale, these tokens can be redeemed for an additional $DAWGZ.

Base Dawgz also offers a traditional referral incentive. Investors who join friends and family for the pre-sale will receive a 10% discount on their USD purchases. To further incentivize DAWGZ dollar holders, the project will soon introduce a staking protocol on Ethereum. Investors can stake their holdings to earn attractive passive income.

These profit incentives turn Base Dawgz investors into ambassadors for the project, helping it reach a much broader community. This likely explains why the pre-sale of DAWGZ in USD gained traction so quickly and why many analysts believe it could be sold out and generate significant returns post-launch.

As discussed in the Blockchain Reporter

Additionally, the development team addressed common concerns associated with the new meme coins. The token’s smart contract was reviewed by Solid Proof, which found no security vulnerabilities or centralization risks.

To participate in the $DAWGZ token pre-sale, visit


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