Multiplayer It has officially launched its Multiplayer platform, a developer tool designed to enhance distributed software development.

The AI-focused developer and collaboration platform has a feature called “observability,” which automates document data flows and system architecture at the component level.

The product has been available in beta since February 2024. Designed and built by developers (led by husband-and-wife duo Steve Johnson and Tom Johnson) to fill a gap in the market, Multiplayer is a collaborative tool designed specifically for complex multiplayers. Layered system architectures that support the operations of most companies. (Despite its name, it’s not aimed at gaming.)

Multiplayer replaces outdated, outdated and inefficient planning tools, and instead visualizes the system’s architecture holistically, and in its component parts, using software specifically designed for this purpose.

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The Multiplayer platform allows developers to see how all the pieces in their system fit.

The new observability feature set, which is still in beta, uses open telemetry to capture distributed traces from your system to automatically document every technology decision and change in your platform. Instead of vital information remaining in the developer’s head (or nowhere at all!), multiplayer brings everything together into a “single source of truth” and eliminates the risk of that archive walking out the door. The platform also simplifies the setup process and provides AI features that act as an in-house expert for your distributed system.

“Documentation is very important, especially in a distributed system,” Tom Johnson, CTO, who has 20 years of experience as a developer, said in a statement. “When changes are not tracked, bad things happen — bad code, duplication, technical debt, lack of cohesion,” Tom Johnson, CTO, who has 20 years of experience as a developer, said in a statement. And the risk of losing everything when a key person walks out the door. We’ve removed the need to manually create and update documentation so your actual operating system is the source of truth.”

Multiplayer founders Tom and Steve Johnson.

“Our users are divided into two camps — those who don’t do any documentation, which comes with huge security risks, and those who authenticate things manually, which is tedious and a waste of time,” CEO Steve Johnson said in a statement. “With multiplayer, teams don’t have to Spend no time documenting every change made to the platform is captured and retained.

Jeremy Battles, CEO of FilingRamp, said in a statement that it relies on Multiplayer to serve some…
The largest insurance companies in the United States

“We rely on multiplayer because customers trust us to get their files approved quickly and securely. By automatically documenting our system architecture with Multiplayer, our developers can focus on developing important features rather than documentation,” Battles said.

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