Despite the current market decline, MEW shows potential for significant growth due to the recent Binance Futures listing announcement.

This list may be useful for MEW, a cat-themed token that has been featured prominently to challenge dog-themed tokens like the Shiba Inu and Baby Doge Coin.

Today, we take a deep dive into the MEW token, recognizing its potential as a leading contender among cat-themed meme coins in the cryptocurrency space.

In addition, we will discuss Play Doggieone of the emerging Meme coins Which may soon be listed on Binance.

MEW price analysis

Currently, the MEW token is down approximately 5% on the day, reflecting broader market uncertainty. However, sophisticated investors may view this decline as a good opportunity to consider adding MEW tokens to their portfolios.

With a market capitalization of approximately $360 million, MEW has established itself among the top 156 coins by market cap, a notable achievement in the competitive cryptocurrency landscape.

The recent price action stems in part from a large sell-off by a whale investor, who sold $40 million worth of MEW tokens, temporarily lowering their price. These market dynamics are common in the cryptocurrency space, where large transactions can quickly impact token prices.

What sets the MEW token apart is its status as a leading token in the cat meme space. In a market dominated by dog-themed cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, the MEW token represents the growing interest in cat-inspired digital assets.

Its simplicity is a strength, with a straightforward website and clear token economics: 90% of tokens burned, 10% airdropped to the Solana community, with a focus on community-based growth and support.

While the broader cryptocurrency market is showing signs of decline, with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major currencies suffering varying degrees of loss, sentiment remains cautiously optimistic.

For those considering entering the cryptocurrency sector or expanding their cryptocurrency portfolio, the MEW token’s unique status as a cat-shaped token with Binance backing represents a compelling opportunity amidst turbulent market conditions. This listing also opens the doors for MEW to be listed on other exchanges in the future.

MEW token has been launched on Binance Futures

The post Solana meme MEW coin appeared first on Binance Futures. Starting June 17, 2024, Binance Futures, a derivatives trading platform of the world’s largest exchange, Binance (BNB), has added the Cat in a Dogs World (MEW) flagship token.

Binance Futures introduced the USD-M MEW perpetual contract, which offers leverage of up to 50x. At launch, the maximum funding rate for the MEWUSDT perpetual contract was set at 2%, with funding fees adjusting every four hours.

Since the beginning of MEWUSDT contract activity on Binance (BNB), the multi-asset mode has enabled users to trade the new currency across multiple margin assets, subject to applicable discounts. For example, when multi-asset mode is turned on, users can use BTC as collateral when trading the MEWUSDT perpetual contract.

The meme Coin community is excited about the listing of MEWUSDT contracts on Binance (BNB). Binance outpaces its main competitor, OKX, by more than 100 million users globally, according to recent data.

Following the highly anticipated announcement, the price of Cat in a Dogs World (MEW) jumped from $0.004 to over $0.0051 on major spot exchanges. For the first time in two weeks, the market value of the Ministry of Electricity and Water exceeded $450 million despite market indifference.

In addition, the asset set a new record for trading volume, entering the top 50 cryptocurrencies according to this metric. In the past 24 hours, trading volume has doubled and exceeded $220 million.

PlayDoge: The next big meme coin?

Play Doggie It could be the next big hit in the meme cryptocurrency market, according to early numbers. The highly successful pre-sale price reached $4.8 million in just a few weeks. The current price of $PLAY is $0.00511 and is expected to rise in less than 72 hours.

Since its launch, PlayDoge has received praise from investors and experts who believe it could become the next meme coin to increase in value 100x. This mobile game turns the Doge meme into a Tamagotchi-style virtual pet.

Like a real pet, your virtual Doggie needs to be fed, trained, entertained and interacted, earning you $PLAY tokens. The happier your pet is, the more rewards you get. Playing the game can also put you on the leaderboard, earning additional PLAY tokens and rewards for high scores.

Playdog P2EPlaydog P2E

You can also stake your tokens to get up to 145% annual return. More than 129 million tokens have been staked, showing strong interest from investors. The project has become cross-chain, allowing investors to purchase $PLAY tokens using $BNB or $ETH.

PlayDoge stands out by combining nostalgic virtual pet care with advanced blockchain technology. It offers a Play-to-Earn feature that adds real value to the Tamagotchi concept. Since 1996, more than 82 million Tamagotchi toys have been sold, proving the enduring appeal of pet simulation toys.

Bringing the virtual pet experience into the modern era, PlayDoge offers high-definition pixel graphics, touch controls, live pet interaction, and seamless integration of blockchain technology. Given the positive reception and early momentum, PlayDoge is well positioned for a potential listing on Binance.

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has shown increasing interest in listing meme coins. PlayDoge’s strong community support, innovative concept, and audited smart contract make it a strong candidate for Binance’s requirements.

For those looking to take advantage of the PlayDoge’s capabilities, now is a great time before prices rise in future pre-sales. Stay updated with PlayDoge developments through their official channels on X And cable.

To participate in the $PLAY code presale, visit


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