Metroid Prime 4 alive. during Nintendo Direct event todayThe company revealed that the highly anticipated sequel is now called Metroid Prime 4: Beyondhe is going to Converts Next year.

It’s been nearly seven years since then Nintendo The game was first announced during the 2017 E3 event with developer Bandai Namco attached. on time, Metroid Prime 4 It was expected to bridge a decade-long gap between it and the 2007 Wii game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Other titles in the overall franchise, incl Metroid: Other mwhich received a lukewarm reception and a reworked version of Metroid Primehad declined in the meantime, but none of them satisfied the desire for a new whole Metroid launch. Metroid Prime 4 She was supposed to do this, until she disappeared.

After years of development, the entire project was scrapped and started again from scratch in 2019 after it failed to reach “the standards we seek in a sequel to the series.” Metroid Prime Nintendo said at the time. Retro Studios, the original developer of the series, was brought on board for this second take on the return of Samus Aran, but after their work began, news about the game’s development was minimal.

In addition to revealing this Metroid Prime 4: Beyond It will be available for Switch sometime in 2025, with Nintendo releasing gameplay footage that includes Samus scanning aliens, shooting everything in sight, and turning into a cute, stylish little ball, as was the classic. A few other details were provided as the game closed out today’s Nintendo Direct, which also included new news Legend of Zelda GameBut it seemed like a flood after the five-year information drought that preceded it.

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond It appears to be nearing the end of the Switch’s current life cycle. News about the console’s successor is expected to emerge with every new Nintendo event, but so far there has been no news. However, Metroid fans are ready to welcome Samus back. Or, as someone on X put it with a screenshot of Received 2018: “My pre-order finally means something!”

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