Lull Original Premium Mattress, the new mid-range offering in the L lineup. Who would it be best for? What do you need to know about him? We’ll cover all that and more in today’s video. Hey guys, I’m JD with the scene at home. We hope you are well. Today we will go over the five main things that you should probably know about this mattress if you are thinking about getting it yourself. If you enjoyed this video, like it and subscribe to our channel for more, click on the description box. If you want to see my full written review that I recently wrote on our website, you have a lot of details about this bed that I may have missed in today’s video. But the first major thing you should know about the original installment, which we received free from L to review, is its overall build. So this is a foam bed that is about 12 inches thick. It has supportive foam on the bottom, a high-density transition layer that acts as a buffer between the support and comfort of the bed, and then has breathable gel-infused memory foam on top. The bed is round with a quilted cover that contains more memory foam for comfort. And the bed itself looks better than many others online, taking the concepts behind Original Quiet to the next level. To me, it’s very similar to the original mattress, only quiet. More finesse and kind of tightening. This quilted cover definitely adds more premium aesthetics to the bed. But even though the bed has some memory foam properties near the top, we’d say its entire design gives it a neutral foam feel. This should be a go-to style of mattress for almost any sleeper. This memory foam is designed to be particularly breathable. So it won’t be as dense as the sticky gel memory foam found in something like the Nectar or Tempur Pedicure. It’s almost like a softer comfort foam. It’s really responsive up top. But when you jump in, you can feel some intense pressure relief from the transitional layer in the middle of the bed. I almost like the feel of this mattress to something like Casper One foam. So just know, unlike the more mixed foam feel you’ll find in the original L here, you’re getting more of a neutral foam feel overall. Now, another thing to note about this bed is its overall firmness profile. It’s going to skew towards the more stable end of the spectrum, right, between a mid-cap and a decent mid-cap. This type of firmness should be suitable for all sleep styles, but is a little more ideal for supporting back or stomach sleepers who prefer something firm but not too firm. You can definitely sleep on this mattress if you’re more than that, I’m a sleeper nation like myself. But if you tend to prefer your side or are a strict side sleeper, it may be a little too firm for you. The original Lol and Lulu hybrid is closer to the flat middle. So this is more suitable for side sleeping preferences. Also remember that the all-foam bed design makes it best for supporting medium to small sized frames. If you’re a heavier person, definitely consider the Lulu hybrid mattress or any other hybrid mattress online. The fourth thing you should know about the original luxury mattress is the policies it will be backed by and oh boy, are they any good? You get a completely free bed and shipping box with the mattress. Once in your possession, you’ll get a one-year trial period. This is more than enough time to decide whether the bed is right for you or not. If you decide that the bed is not right for you, you have a return option at your disposal. But if you want to keep it, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty. If you want to see more specific information regarding these policy matters, I know that what I just covered may be somewhat general. There should be more useful and comprehensive details in the description box. The bed may have the best political information in the world, but all of that becomes null and void if the price is reduced. So the fifth thing you should know about the Original Small Luxury Mattress is its price. Keep in mind that when I’m recording this video, it’s about a big bed sale. So this price may be a little different when you view it. But the queen size currently retails for $1,700. But after the discount, you’ll pay just over $1,000 flat for it. All things considered. I’d say this isn’t half bad for a higher price, all phone mattresses are available online these days, we’ll have all the latest with promotions and pricing for this bed linked below in the description box. So feel free to check it out for yourself. But this leaves us with the question, who will ultimately be the best for this rank? I would say that if you’re in the market for a premium foam mattress and you’re interested in having a quiet bed, but want something with a neutral foam feel that’s on the slightly firmer end of the spectrum, go for it. But personally, if you’re just looking for matte interest and want to save $100, look into the original L, it’s a little less expensive, especially after your discount. But these are the five main things you should know about a low original premium. We hope today this video has pointed you in the right direction towards searching for mattresses online. If so, drop a like on this video and always consider subscribing to cnet home for more. Click on the description box again. There should be a full written review I did recently on this mattress link below for you, but that will do the trick for this review. I’m JD with CNET and we’ll see you in the next episode.

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