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As excitement builds for Osgood Perkins’ film Long legs With increasing word of mouth about how depressing and scary it is Nicolas Cage– Starring in the film is the director’s next project, which is an adaptation of Stephen King Monkeybegan to attract more and more attention.

The film adaptation of King’s horror short story has appeared The ship’s crew is set to be his next feature; It stars Theo James (white lotus)Tatiana Maslany (shethe structure: Lawyer at law), and Elijah Wood (idiot). In an interview with Disgusting Boo Crew, Perkins reviewed what to expect, which is of course unexpected. “It would be more like misery or Creepy show or Gremlins or [An American Werewolf in London]“,” he said. “It couldn’t be less similar Long legs. To me, if you’re going to make a movie about a toy monkey, you can be serious about it. But a lot of King is feeling funny and nostalgic. So we tried to make a movie that was a little bit like something from the late ’80s and ’90s. It’s as if Robert Zemeckis took a little acid and made a Stephen King picture of a toy monkey.

The director’s collaboration with Neon (which is also forthcoming Long legs) and James Wan’s atomic monster in his film, which we couldn’t be more excited about because it feels like the horror vibe is going beyond the limits. “For me, this is the movie that kids and their parents want to see together,” Perkins continued. “People explode, people explode; It’s very extreme but very funny. It’s a redemption for father and son, it’s very moving, it’s very nostalgic, it’s very Stephen King.

Monkey Opens in theaters on February 21, 2025. Long legs Arrives this July 12.

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