Popular Japanese video game publisher Konami Digital Entertainment has introduced its new Resella solution for non-fungible tokens (NFT) in collaboration with Avalanche (AVAX).

As described in the company Condensed consolidated quarterly financial statementsResella is designed to simplify the creation, issuance, and trading of NFTs. This collaboration aims to make blockchain technology accessible to companies and organizations looking to integrate Web3 services into their operations. The document stated the following:

At Tokyo Game Show 2023, we also made simultaneous announcements about the NFT marketplace “Resella”, which aims to provide services using blockchain technology to all types of customers, and the web3 project “PROJECT ZIRCON”, which allows customers to create fantasy worlds using blockchain technology.

According to an announcement shared with industry media, Resella offers a user-friendly approach, eliminating the need for external Web3 wallets or complex cryptocurrency transactions. The platform supports transactions in Japanese Yen, catering to the local market, while also planning to expand its functionality for global users.

A new platform centered around NFT

Developers can integrate Resella’s functionality into their apps, providing users with a seamless marketplace experience. In addition to its core function, Resella makes it easier for existing platforms to move into the Web3 space.

The company hopes to create an environment for companies across various sectors to explore the advantages of blockchain. The platform also envisions using NFTs from gaming environments as event tickets or exclusive in-game content.

The company’s respective platform also features zero gas costs for users and consistent processing speeds, ensuring a seamless transaction experience. Earlier this month, Konami also Launched real games with Slots del Sol Online In Paraguay.

Konami’s continued shifts in strategy appear to be paying off. As ReadWrite reported in early February, the company It saw record profits in the third quarter With business profits amounting to 62,821 million yen – equivalent to about 400 million US dollars.

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