Konami today announced its partnership with… Avalanche On the new NFT solution called “Resella”. Resella, powered by the Avalanche subnet, is designed to provide users with an easy marketplace while also enabling designers to create, sell, and trade NFTs within their own apps. Konami and Avalanche plan to make it available to external companies and organizations.

According to Avalanche, one of the advantages of Resella is that it can be integrated into the program directly, without the need to open an external web3 wallet. It also lowers the barrier to entry for Japanese users, as it facilitates transactions in yen, with plans to accommodate global users. Interested users can apply for access to Resella now.

I entered Konami for the first time The world of NFTs In 2022 with a Castlevania NFT collection. Resella aims to help platforms move into web3 spaces, so more companies can use blockchain technology, the company says. It also aims to enhance social experiences, allowing NFTs created in games to be used, for example, in situations outside of the gaming platform.

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