To enhance national security, and just one week before the presidential debate, the Biden administration banned the sale of Kaspersky products in the United States.

As of July 20, Kaspersky will no longer be able to sell to new customers and software updates will only remain available until September 29, 2024.

Company Provides cyber security and antivirus software products and services in the United States through Kaspersky Lab, Inc., a Massachusetts corporation.

AO Kaspersky Lab is a Russian company that owns the intellectual property rights used in Kaspersky’s cybersecurity and antivirus software provided to people in the United States.

Kaspersky Lab, Inc. is owned by a British company headquartered in Moscow.

In the Final decision document They say, filed by the government, that the company “poses unjustified and unacceptable risks to US national security and to the security and safety of US persons.”

US companies using Kapersky software should rethink their security strategies

While the number of customers who will be affected by the change is not yet known, the ban will likely impact the business operations of US companies currently running the program.

They only have three months before they lose the modern antivirus definitions that are essential for blocking malware. People who have customized their safety processes will have to quickly rethink their security options.

In the current situation To wiredKaspersky says the government “made its decision based on the current geopolitical climate and theoretical concerns, and not on a comprehensive assessment of the safety of Kaspersky’s products and services.”

“Kaspersky does not engage in threatening activities US citizen The company said before adding that it “intends to pursue all legally available options to maintain its current operations and relationships.”

This decisive step is the latest in the tense relationship between the United States and Russia, as the latter has just formed a strategic alliance with North Korea.

Featured Image: Kaspersky Daily

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