Justin Timberlake was arrested this week on suspicion of drunk driving, and it was only moments before it became a homicide. Mimi.

There is a very good niche for creating these memes. The police officer who arrested him allegedly didn’t know who he was (funny). source Tell Page six “This will ruin the tour,” he muttered, and the policeman replied, “What tour?”

“World tour,” Timberlake allegedly replied.

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We don’t know many details about the arrest. It appears no one was hurt, and Timberlake told police he only had one martini before driving off. The officer disagreed and said he had performed poorly on field sobriety tests. Timberlake has pleaded not guilty and will have to appear in court next month.

Drunk driving is no joke. But we should take every opportunity to poke fun at Timberlake, a man he’s been under fire for recently His treatment of Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Janet Jackson and other women. Oh my God, the Internet is seizing on this moment.

The mugshot has also turned into a meme in its own right.

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