When new An episode of AMC Interview with the Vampire It aired the Sunday before last, and a certain kind of fuse was lit in online conversations about the show. The fifth installment of Season 2, Don’t Be Scared, Just Start the Tape, was an impeccably written and acted mini-horror movie – the kind of thing you watch with your mouth open before pointing at the TV and the TV set. Saying: “Do you see this too?!?!”

However, when thousands took to social media to ask that very question, much of the commentary was underscored by confusion, and even concern, that people had, in fact, not seen that either — that is, that they hadn’t seen that. Interview with the Vampire Absolutely. For a show that’s so good, many said, it’s criminal that more people don’t watch and discuss it, and that more critics don’t cover it. “This is the best show on television right now,” New York Times culture correspondent Kyle Buchanan wrote. One tweet was shared widely. “I’m angry that you all would rather talk about mediocre or bad shows than watch the gold standard!”

Some fans have already noted the decrease in critical coverage compared to the first season, which was met with near-universal acclaim and earned the show and the performances of its lead actors, Jacob Anderson and Sam Reed, up for several year-end awards. -From the lists. If anything, the show’s second season has received a higher percentage of glowing reviews, but the terrific big event coverage that other popular shows often receive (and which we’re receiving as we speak) has been absent from notable mainstream outlets.

Plug-in fans have also noticed a decline in viewership since Season 1, at least by publicly available metrics, and ahead of the June 9 episode, Slate published an article titled, “Interview with the Vampire It’s the best show that almost no one watches“, which clearly defined these numbers. Word started to spread, especially on modern platforms like X but it also spread to places like Reddit, TikTok, and even My home baseTumblr, which is more likely to host graduate seminar-level gifs, posts, or analyzes of the show than discussions of terrestrial TV ratings.

AMC announced IWTVSeason 2 before Season 1 aired, but halfway through Season 2 there wasn’t a peep about a third — and with a narrative about “the best show no one’s watching,” especially in the wake of an episode that many watched were raving about, fans began to grow increasingly concerned about its fate. On “Marketing choices made by AMC Interview with the Vampire “It is self-destruction.” one fan wrote. Or in Someone else’s words: “I was so angry that they made me Google the head of marketing at AMC.”

There could be There are a whole host of reasons why a show in 2024, whether this show or any other, might not get the reach it deserves; Endless pixels have been poured over streaming device fatigue and dividing audiences in the past few years. AMC, one of the darlings of the cable TV era, is in a particularly strange position: even when interviewThe first season of the series was a huge hit on the AMC+ streaming service, and it continues to be so held as an example For a turbulent industry in transition. Two years and Two hits in Hollywood Later, the situation became more complicated. As the industry restructures and changes who can watch what where, There has been an interruption Between what viewers like and what critics do. Meanwhile, social media platforms—the place of word of mouth in the 21st century—continue to collapse, breaking up conversation among an already fragmented audience.

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