Apple released iOS 17.5 In May, the update brought some new features to some iPhones, such as the ability to detect third-party trackers. But the update also brought a fun new word game to Apple News Plus ($13 per month) The subscribers are called Quartiles, which I’ve been playing non-stop.

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In this game, you have to create words from squares with letters, and if you use four of these squares to make a word, it is called a “quarter”. Untangling the words can be difficult, but the good news is that you are not limited to a certain number of guesses per puzzle, as you are in word. Finding the quadrants in the mess of scattered letters is as satisfying to my mind as peeling the plastic off the screen of a new device.

“The new daily word game Quartiles is a fun addition to our popular crossword offering,” said Lauren Kern, Apple News editor-in-chief. he said in a blog post. “We are always working to improve the experience for our News+ subscribers.”

Here’s how to access Quartiles and what you need to know about the game.

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How can I access the Quartets?

Here Apple News Plus subscribers can find the quarters.

1. Open the Apple News app.
2. handle the next In the list at the bottom of the screen.
3. handle Puzzles.

From the puzzles page, you can find today’s quadrants below Puzzles today. You can also find the latest quarters by clicking The quarters Across the top of the puzzle page, next to the options for Crossword And Simple crossword puzzle.

While you have to subscribe to Apple News Plus, which is $13 per monthYou can get Three-month free trial Service with new purchase iPhone, IPAD or Mac.

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How to play quartets?

Puzzles of the two quadrants side by side Puzzles of the two quadrants side by side

When you find words, they appear in the list at the top of the screen.

Apple/Screenshot from CNET

Quartiles is a word game where you have to combine squares into different words to get points. There are 20 tiles arranged in a 4×5 grid, and each tile contains two to four letters. There are usually 25 to 30 words you can create using these tiles.

There are always five words that each use four squares to create, called quatrains. No two quadrants use the same lettered squares, which means that the five quadrants will ideally use all 20 squares. So, if you use the letters ‘ion’ to create the word ‘jurisdiction’, these letters will not appear in any of the other quadrants. Those letter boxes can still be used to create other shorter words.

You can also shuffle the tiles whenever you want to give you a new perspective on the letters. When you solve a quadrant, these letters stay in place while the other squares move around the screen.

How do you win quarters?

Quatrain puzzle with all the quatrains found Quatrain puzzle with all the quatrains found

Even after finding all the quadrants, you may not get an expert rank.

Apple/Screenshot from CNET

The goal is to create as many words as possible using the 20 pieces possible. Each word you create gives you a certain number of points depending on the length of the word. Single words, such as “mat” or “car”, will receive one point each, while Quartiles, such as “pterodactyl”, will receive eight points each. If you find all the quadrants, you will get a bonus of 40 points.

The game also assigns ranks according to your score. These ranks, from lowest to highest, are Apprentice, Apprentice, Builder, Artisan, Wordsmith, and Master. To reach Expert rank, you must score more than 100 points, and even after you score 100 points, there are usually more words to find.

What if I can’t find any more words?

If you can’t find more words, you can press the three dots () in the upper-right corner of your screen, then tap Reveal all the words. Make sure you really want to reveal the words, because this will end the game for the day.

Can you play Quartiles with others?

You can compete against friends and others by sharing your quarter points in Game Center. Here’s how.

1. Opens Settings.
2. handle News.
3. Press the switch button next to Games center.

You can also play alongside others on the same screen. Sometimes my wife and I play Quartiles together, by which I mean she’ll graciously take my phone from me with a disappointed sigh after I try to make a word out of random letters. Yes, I know “electoral” probably isn’t a word, but maybe it is and I’ve never heard or seen it before. Spoiler: it’s not.

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