If you’re jumping into Shadow of the Erdtree and expecting things to go smoothly since you’ve leveled your character in preparation, you’re sorely mistaken.

Not only are the bosses extremely powerful, but even the simplest enemies have received a buff, making your progress a long-lasting one.

Fortunately, there is A new way to boost your stats In the DLC using an item called Scadutree Fragments. Here we’ll reveal how to get it so you can bolster your defenses against Messmer and company.

Where to find Scadutree parts in Shadow of the Erdtree

Fortunately for you, there are multiple ways and great opportunities to secure your Scadutree parts Erdtree’s shadowallowing you to increase your attack and defense in case of necessity.

Similar to Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears, you can find Scadutree parts simply Explore different locations in Shadow of the Erdtree. but, For a more foolproof method, look for Horncent statues Because these are the key to getting parts.

Moreover, it can also be Scadutree parts Given as a reward for downing powerful enemies and bossesSo make sure you don’t skip any optional enemies to get the maximum Scadutree parts set.

Once you’ve collected Scadutree Fragments, simply return to Grace and you can spend them in the menu to upgrade those stats.

But remember that these Scadutree Fragments, and therefore Scadutree Blessing, are only active in DLC areas. This means that once you return to any part of the main game, your stats will return to the previous number.

They’re highlighted in gold when you’re inside the DLC, so you’ll know the difference between saved numbers and regular numbers.

Reverend Spirit Ashes has also been introduced with Shadow of the Erdtree which adds more power to your Torrent and summons. So, while you’re on the hunt for additional Scadutree parts, make sure you’re looking for those too.

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