Step 2: Amazon Search should automatically select the appropriate section, but if necessary, you can go to the top of the left bar and click on the appropriate section.

Step 3: Once the page is updated, scroll to the bottom of the left bar and select “” as your seller.

Step 4: Now you’ll only see “Pixel 8A” products sold directly through

If you still don’t see “” as a seller, try clicking “See more” button.. It will show you a dense but readable alphabet page for sellers. If Amazon is one of these sellers, it will appear in the list. You can use CTRL+F (Command+F on Mac) to search for the word “” Sometimes you’ll see “Amazon Warehouse,” but it only sells used and refurbished items.

Avoid fake discounts

When people see that a product they love is on sale, they get a little wave of excitement. Instead of thinking about how much we spend, we start thinking about how much we save. Coupons and discounts exist because they create a sense of urgency that prompts many people to buy things they wouldn’t normally buy. Some sellers abuse this pricing power. There are a lot of products on Amazon that are endlessly “on sale”, which makes it difficult to know if you’re getting an actual deal or not.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to check. Simply copy the URL and paste it into it CamelCamelCamel. You will get a page with a graph showing all the price fluctuations in the past year. Many products have deceptive sale prices like this, to varying degrees. Knowing the actual rate of the product keeps you accountable.

Instead, the Keepa extension for Chrome It will add a similar box directly to your pages, although it tries to get you to sign up for free, and that may slow down your browsing.

Screenshot of CamelCamelCamel price tracker app

Photo: Lauren Strampe

Tools like Keepa and CamelCamelCamel may also help you determine the best time to purchase an item. For example, the price of Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K Max constantly fluctuates between its normal price of $60 all the way up to $40, as it does now. This all-time drop includes special sales like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, which means you (most likely) don’t need to wait to get a good deal. The tools can help you spot similar trends in other products, such as televisions, which tend to become much cheaper when Christmas approaches.

Don’t trust every review

Amazon’s five-star review system is supposed to make choosing products simpler, but it’s easy to game. If you’re looking for an expensive product from a company you’ve never heard of, or if there are hundreds or thousands of very positive reviews, do a little investigating. Many sellers try to manipulate reviews to list their products more clearly on Amazon.

Fake point It is an excellent tool to help you spot fraudulent reviews. Simply enter your Amazon URL and it will provide you with a report. It’s not a flawless tool, but it will give you a hint as to whether a lot of reviews are fake or suspicious, and it also provides an AI-generated summary to try to help you parse the information further. We have more tips about Detect fake Amazon reviews here.

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